Be The Will Of God. Do The Will Of God.

February 2nd was a Feast Day for the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.  It celebrated the Presentation of Jesus which is to say the first public demonstration of His Mission.

I had thought of writing something about Dedication in our own lives yesterday but didn’t. And this morning I came across the following video from a man who normally talks sensibly about politics, economics and current events.

For the past 6 weeks I had been pondering my future. It is no secret that I have been opposed to the current economic and political elite. We have been subject to their wars and their cycles of Booms and Busts. We die in their wars. Many of our ancestors starved to death and many more suffered greatly from the corruption imposed from those above us in the realm of political power. Many of us have suffered from the plague of illegal drugs which enriches those few who own the Banks.

For the past six weeks. I had been pondering my role in the resistance. I have decided to completely dedicate myself to the Demonstration of God through me as what I should do to resist the Evil that masquerades as our government.

To better understand how easily the Demonstration of God is in this world, we will need a better understanding of physics. That is what this video does. Using simple language and terms, it unifies Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in one five minute clip.

You might also like to look at this older video about consciousness and reality. I have said that Time, Space, Motion and Distance are ideas in your mind but not in the Mind of God.

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Emma Curtis Hopkins: The 12 Lessons Of Healing

Emma Curtis Hopkins was one of the great American women of the 19th century. She organized classes that taught spiritual healing to 50,000 people. Each one of her books had 12 lessons. I will condense 12 lessons from 3 of her books interpreting them from my perspective. My regular readers know that I had a spiritual experience when I was 8 years-old that allowed me to understand ‘How God Created The Universe.’ That experience is my theory of healing.

Lesson 1. Emma left Christian Science to teach on her own. Nevertheless, she began Lesson One with the Christian Science Statement of Being:

There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.

In short there is one world and that is consciousness. There are not two worlds of matter and mind. Usually, mind lower case refers to a human mind which is subject to the ego. The ego is the false belief that we could separate ourselves from God (or Mind with a capital M) and live.

The first lesson names what we are seeking. God is a name for Good, Health, Abundance, Truth and Life. I seek the Good and I ought to have it. God is all Presence. There is Good for everyone and everyone ought to have His Good. To seek this Good we must repent or turn away from the material to the spiritual, to Truth, to God. We need to free ourselves from using God to seek material things.

Lesson 2. Tell the Absolute Truth about your idea of Good. Is Good absent from you? No. This compels me to say there is no evil power. All Life is in God, the Good. There is no absence of life, good and intelligence in omnipresent Good. There is no absence of Good. There is nothing to hate. There is no sin, sickness and death. We preach the putting away of the consequences of downward vision which appears as evil, matter, lack, pain and decay. Because Thou art Free I also am free. That which is true of God is true of man at his God Point.

Lesson 3. God saw the light. And it was Good. God is Mind. Mind understands the Good. Prosperity is the acknowledgement of the presence of God. Persist and overcome the thick wall of belief in the absence of Good. Vision antedates thought. Forgive the mind its foolish belief in a material world apart from God. The mind is to be cured of the belief we walk on the floor. We stand on God. Now is the time I choose God alone as Power. I choose to contagion God, the Good. Thou art working through me to do that which ought to be done by me. Stop Now and tell thy Starting Point that thou are ready to dissolve all thy mind and body into it. Thou art married to the one.

Lesson 4. We must be firm in our faith. God is Good. God is Life. There is curative energy in the continuous confidence of a firm mind. Do not believe in a mixture of Good and evil. Believe only in Good. I believe in only the Good as ruling my life. I do believe that God is working through me to reveal His Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. Faith is the confidence to command. Attention on the Highest Good makes the world of no effect. We practice High Visioning. Take the Divine Spark that shines in you and call it Jesus Christ. Tell it what you want done.

Lesson 5. Our mental conviction that evil is nothing real, causes them to falter in their footsteps. Our mental conviction that Spirit is the only Substance spiritualizes the world. The Spiritual or Real World is not changed by our words. Our goal is to open our eyes to see the Real World. Faith is the point of contact between man and God. Healing Power operates through one who sees Good as Health. Your body is Spirit. Matter in every form is in reality Spirit. All of our work is Redemption. We redeem the world of man and reveal the Real World of Spirit. Let your mind be firm until you have no mind and see face to face.

Lesson 6. Notice our lesson: The covenant first – then keep the words thereof, then prosperity. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. There is no old age in Spirit. To God all is Good. Whatsoever we desire we are invoking. Invocation is the greatest efficiency of prayer. We have unceasing acceptance of the Divine Highest only. The purpose of religion has always been to make the most of ourselves. To be charged to overflow with miracle working while we are yet manifest in the flesh is our goal. I understand. I am understanding. I understand the secrets of the universe where I walk. I see God everywhere. I understand God.

Lesson 7. Let the earth bring forth. The Divine Mind in man brings forth original health or wholeness. If God the Good is Omnipresent, then that which is not Good is not present. Every realization of God externalizes in Good. Ever present with us is the health and wholeness of the universe. I pronounce you free from the thoughts of others. God is your Father and Mother. You have not inherited disease. God is your Substance and your Strength. Attention is the secret of success. We combine with what we notice. It is our privilege and obligation to identify with the Miracle Working Presence until we are a miracle working presence. All inspired writers put vision before judgement. I will not judge according to appearance but look only to the Angel of the Presence. I address Responsive Reality. My lesson now is inheritance. The attention of my whole mind to the Jesus Christ point in myself is my whole marriage. Every attention to God has its fruitage. There is no getting from or giving to another person. The Divinity within desires not and does not take away from others. It demonstrates Good. All miracles come from your Divine Authority.

Lesson 8. Be not deceived either in man or in God. Matter makes up all appearances. Spirit is never deceived. If I am Spirit, then I cannot be in poverty and be sick. To love is to see God in all. I will only have the highest prosperity if I teach others to prosper. To endure as seeing the invisible is to fetch it into visibility. We persistently focus on the Divine Point. We keep the eye single to One Free Self-Existent God and we are led to believe in Free Grace. Perform the Noble Christian Ministry: ‘Heal the sick. Raise the dead.’ Go gather unto the Unlimited. Erase age, destiny, inadequacy, disadvantage. The Divine Voice inside you is plainly heard whenever it is listened to.

Lesson 9. All evil is blamed on sin but sin is only a mistaken belief about what world you live in. The world in which we live records our thoughts. I give thanks that God has given the Holy Spirit the joy and the song of the universe. I do not accuse the world or myself of sin; all is well. The lamb of God is Jesus Christ who condemned none, forgave all, believed in no evil, feared nothing, loved everything. Therefore, He healed instantaneously. We cannot be like God until we think of sin as God does. The joyous heart is a healing presence. Mystical Science tells how the Great Flame can rise up over all laws physical and mental. If the grass could talk, it would say, “My God is my green.” This is the way a man says, “My God is my joy.” The whole teaching of Jesus Christ concerns the harmonious providing unity between the Kingdom of Heaven and the world through which we journey.

Lesson 10. The tenth lesson is skill in recording your thoughts. The instrument must record the singing and the joy of the musician. Things are a plastic substance which your fingers mold. I believe God is bringing us all through safely. I do not believe in my own errors. They will not affect you. My Mind and yours are of God. I have confidence in Good. Ten is the number of Light. It gives birth to everything. If we are steadfast to stand by the Central Spark, fear will take flight. Tenth lesson: In my own integrity within I know, I believe that I and the Father are One. Whatever bedrock of truth in us is soon to be made real to our neighbors. I stand on the Success Point of my being.

Lesson 11. A man filled with truth hath power over heaven and earth. The call in Science is for you to take the position that your life, health, strength, support, defense, are from God. As God cannot fail, so these cannot fail. I do not accuse the world or myself of foolishness or ignorance; therefore, I see the prosperity of my new life now. I pronounce you healed and whole now and forever. Amen. The disciples of the Christ preached one name only until it flashed in Magian effulgence through them. God’s sight with which He sees me is the same sight with which I see Him. I rest in the Ought that Is.

Lesson 12. Christ was so full to overflowing with love that the plagues and dangers of this world did not terrify him in the least. Whoever gets into the state of overflowing unquenchable love is manifesting Christ. He sees no evil and rejoices at everything that occurs. You are a perfect creation of the living God. You reflect the Universe of Good. The name Jesus Christ holds within its clasping the Lost Word with its power to open the Gates of Heaven. Ye are the light of the world – free, flawless, immortal. Christ is the Fact. I see the Fact and am One with it.

My Concluding Words: Emma was a great light. The words above were filtered by me so studying her directly might be a better path for you to take.

I summed up truth in one paragraph once. I must think with the Mind of God because God is Universal Mind or Spirit and His Mind is the only one with which I could possibly think. I also have said, ‘Time, space, motion, force and distance are ideas in the mind of the average man but not in the Mind of God where spiritual men and women dwell so those ideas need not limit us. Subjects and objects of consciousness must occur together because neither has a separate existence apart from the other. It is only our ability to diagram sentences that makes us think that subjects and objects are separate entities. I used this to prove to my teacher that mind and matter are not separate things. I also told her that I transformed ‘When we see Him, we shall be like him’ from I John 3 into its logical equivalent ‘We won’t see Him until we are like Him.’ I concluded that the purpose of human life was to become Like God.

Best wishes. I have healed in the past. Not sure when I will start healing again. I would hope it is sooner rather than later as the dollar and the American government are both near collapse.

Note: I just published one of Emma Curtis Hopkins most spiritually advanced books. It has 12 lessons. I quoted from it to create the above article which really is a series of quotes from her 3 main works. You can find it by clicking on either the main page or on the listing to the right. I published them 3 chapters at a time. I will try to post the last 3 chapters as soon as possible.

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Sheldrake’s Banned TED Talk – The Delusions of Scientism

This is part of a series I have written on Consciousness and Science. As I have mentioned before, I have not healed many people over the past few years, but I would hope to start doing so again. We are teetering on the edge of an economic collapse that could kill a few billion people if we do not have Worldwide Debt Cancellation and Monetary Reform. If I am to die, I will go out healing. This essay will I hope make the ideas behind the practice of healing more scientifically understandable.

The Powers That Be did not like Rupert Sheldrake’s TED Talk. He emphasizes the difference between science as a method and science as a belief system. Science as a belief system is critical of any religious or spiritual inclinations we have.

The ten dogmas of science.

1) The universe is like a machine.

2) Matter is unconscious.

3) The laws of nature are fixed.

4)The total amount of matter and energy is fixed except at the moment of the Big Bang.

5) Nature is purposeless.Evolution has no purpose or direction.

6) Biological heredity is material.

7) Memories are stored inside your brain.

8) Your mind is inside your head.

9) Psychic phenomenon are impossible. This follows from dogma 8.

10) Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works.

The above ten dogmas are the default worldview of educated people. When examined closely, these dogmas collapse.

Sheldrake developed the theory of morphic resonance according to which everything depends on evolving habits and not fixed laws. This explains the 100th monkey syndrome.

He also examines the fundamental constants of nature. Scientism declares these are fixed. By checking scientific handbooks from different years, he discovered that the speed of light changed and is not constant. And G, the Gravitational Constant, varies a lot.

Is Mind generated by the brain? Scientists proved the brain cannot be the creator of consciousness. They introduced a stimuli near the eyes designed to make the eyes react instinctively to a perceived threat. The problem for the materialists is that the human brain is limited by physical processes in its ability to perceive the threat, transmit a response and to respond. Eyes react faster to a perceived attack than the brain can physically process.

I would logically conclude that the Mind does the thinking and lets the brain think falsely that it is responsible for the decision making. This charade of the brain generating consciousness is maintained to keep alive the illusion that you are living in a physical universe. But this is a Spiritual Universe.

In the Middle Ages philosophers would define Substance as that which make what we see possible. God is the Substance of all that we see.

The second video has an interesting section on pets and their psychic abilities. Dogs can predict when their owners come home. Even if a computer generates a phone call at unpredictable times to test the dogs ability to read the minds of humans at a distance. Science does not like this. They would like to cite the number of times dogs go to the window during the day. But if you look at the videos, the dogs during the day will look out the window to see who is in front of their house. These episodes last for a few seconds or up to a minute as opposed to a ten minute long attentive waiting time for the return of their owner.

Sheldrake said cats do not seem to be interested when their owners return. But they do have an ability to read minds. If a cat has been to a veterinarian before, he will often not want to go back. Sheldrake investigated 28 pet hospitals in north London. Every hospital had lots of experience with cats suddenly going into hiding when it was time to go to the vet. Owners took to calling from work so their cat could not hear them make an appointment. But that did not stop the cats from reading the minds of their owners and going into hiding just before their appointment at the vet.

I am thinking of writing a more detailed article on healing. We have very little time left ‘Before It All Goes To Hell.’

The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

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Healing Is Two Way Communication.

This essay follows the work of Michael Talbot who wrote The Holographic Universe more than 20 years ago. I should warn you that I have not healed many people in the past few years. But I do hope to start healing again soon.

In my previous essay I wrote of my interpretation of the Holographic model. In the Middle Ages the Catholic Fathers reasoned that the Vision of God was not like ours. God is Omnipresent and cannot be separate from what He sees. They concluded that God must use His Vision to create what He sees. He uses His Vision to create the sun, the moon and the stars. In the Holographic Model of the Universe we see what God sees because we think with His Mind. I must think with the Mind of God because God is Universal Mind or Spirit and there is no other mind with which I could possibly think.

Now we can talk more realistically of healing. If the world we see is created inside the Mind of God, then physical ideas are really illusions. For example, does one idea weigh more than another? Is one idea taller or shorter than the next? Is one idea further away than the next? Clearly, these ideas of time, space, weight, gravity and force are not out there apart from the mind that thinks them. They are inside our minds but not inside the Mind of God. We are Spirit as we God is so we can overcome all the limitations of time and space.

I used to explain to people that fortunately for us the ideas of time, space, motion and distance are ideas in our minds but not ideas inside the Mind of God. We interpret the world we see using those limiting concepts of time and space and of motion and distance. We are not limited unless we believe we are because we only dreamed we had left the Mind of God to wander about in a dangerous world.

Healing is not a miracle. The real miracle is Creation. That there is a world and a vast universe of stars and planets is the real miracle.

There is Communication between the Creator and His Creation. We see what God sees. He sees the sun, the moon and the stars and therefore so do we. But what of my coat and your hat? Does God remember where we left them? Obviously, He does. But how does He do it? I have concluded that we are part of God so He has access to our memories when it is time to remember the inside of the homes we return to after work. Everything is there where we left it earlier that morning.

That is an example of Communication from the Higher to the lower level but also of communication from the lower levels to the Higher. He must be able to read our minds to remember to create our own little part of this earth.

Healing is communication too. We see what had been there but God can read our minds and know when we are willing to accept a radical change to what we are presently seeing. He says, ‘Fine’. And in the next instant the physical condition that had been bothering us or our friend has been removed and replaced with a healthier version of the same body.

I once read that we have a choice of which memory we prefer to use. We can choose to remember the past or we can choose to remember our Present Identity. But that is a shared Identity. It cannot be remembered for us alone.

When I was a child, I read the Bible to figure out the purpose of Life. One of the three verses I selected was I John Chapter 3: ‘When we see Him, we shall be like Him’. I immediately understood that I could make the logically equivalent statement: ‘We won’t see Him until we are like Him’. My teacher told me later I had discovered a contrapositive. To me the verse meant that we would never see Christ until we became like Him and saw Him in others. It and a previous Vision began me on a quest to become a healer.

We need to examine in more detail the lower level where all this healing takes place. There is an interesting Holographic Workshop on YouTube. It correctly places the Creative level of the Holographic Universe above us. But it lacks a Communication process between us down here and whatever it is up there. It does say there are reactive and perceptive levels down here.

Years ago I remember reading of an experiment where objects were suddenly brought near the eyes of a test subject. The subject was able to recognize the threat and to properly respond to it faster than a human body could have. The conclusion I reached is that the human brain only thinks that it thinks. To believe you are a body requires you to believe that your brain is capable of thinking.

I saw an experiment in which a test subject was mixed in with a panel of psychologists to study perceptions. The panel was shown images and asked to judge which object was the longest. The test subjects altered their perception of physical objects in order to conform with what the others were saying even when they were clearly lying about what was in front of them. Scientists studying brain patterns discovered that the brain was willing to trick the person into believing the lie. That is easy to accept now that we understand that the brain cannot think.

The mind exists apart from the brain. The brain is an object. It is not a subject and does not generate consciousness. I would therefore place the whole of the human body including the brain in the objective world. So the question is where is our mind in all of this?

Our mind communicates with the Creative level. And it allows the brain to pretend it can think until we take back our powers from what we had thought to be the material world. There is no matter apart from God. The alleged physical world is to some degree subject to us when we remember our Present Identity which is a Shared Reality. Healing is one way we can remember who we are and what we are by communicating or sharing our Reality with Creation.

And what can we can we call our minds. We could call it Spirit. The Hindus call our self atman with a lower case a and God or the Higher Self Atman with an upper case.

The Creative level has a plan for our soul or spirit. We are learning more and more of His role in our lives. This allows us to accept a transformation that takes us little by little out of the material sense of Reality to a Spiritual one. Healing guides us along the path He would have us take.

This is the third essay in a series. The previous two were:

Video. Michael Talbot: Synchronicity And The Holographic Universe

Is The World A Simulation? From Mark Twain To Modern Physics

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Video. Michael Talbot: Synchronicity And The Holographic Universe

Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe is one of my all time favorites. He uses holograms as a tool to explain modern physics, ESP, poltergeists, miracles, the placebo effect and telekinesis. In France under the reign of Louis XV there was a persecuted religious minority that demonstrated miracles over a 20 year period. Even the Catholic opponents of the Jansenists were amazed at the things these men and women did. One woman would stick her head into a fire for ten minutes. When she puled her head out, her hair was so hot that witnesses could not bear to touch her hair. But her face was not burned. A Catholic opponent wrote a four volume account of the Jansenist miracles.

Michael Talbot can explain that and his own experiences with out of body episodes and with poltergeists by using the analogy of a hologram. David Bohm, the physicist, and Karl Pribram, neurophysiologist, both independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe to better explain the modern world.

Michael Talbot died in 1992 at age 38 from leukemia. He began as a science-fiction writer and was a contributor to New York’s trendy Village Voice. I have decided to include two videos from Talbot. It is your choice which one you prefer. The first one is an interview with Thinking Allowed TV. It is very intellectual and has some of Michael’s personal experiences. The second is a workshop and has lots of material from his book on the Jansenist miracles.

I will share my views on the Holographic model of the Universe below the first video. Feel free to bail on the first video and go to the second if you do not like the interview structure.

Michael Talbot ‘Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe


My views. I have written before of the two Visions I had as a child. One was about the future. The other was how God created the Universe. Talbot was using the analogy of a hologram though he said that was just a tool we could use to help our minds understand reality.

The best way to understand what I believe is to go back to the Middle Ages and their definition of the Vision of God. God’s Vision cannot be like ours. He cannot see the moon and imagine it to be separate and apart from Himself. That would violate His definition of Himself which includes Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience.

The scholars of that day concluded that God must use His Vision to create the sun, the moon, the earth and the stars. I would say that because we were created from God’s Mind or Spirit that we can see what He sees. We add onto what He has created because we are co-creators in the sense that we are of His Substance and share to a very minor degree His abilities. We usually demonstrate the power of our minds by creating limiting conditions, wars, Depressions and diseases for ourselves.

Let me explain the Vision I had. One day I was in a schoolyard and saw an artist’s sketch pad. An older boy was flipping through the pages rapidly so the drawings of a plane his father had drawn created the illusion of motion. That convinced me that the world we see is an illusion. The only time there is is Now. There is no motion, no time and space. No forces are projected through space. No laws of physics and medicine and economics to bind us.

The world is One. Think of the film for a movie. Each frame in the film represents the whole. Everything in that frame is connected to the others. In fact they only appear to be separate objects because time creates the illusion of motion. We are in fact One. There is no Separation between us and God. We are here to learn. As the Bible says, ‘Christ is the firstborn of many brothers.’

When I was a few months older, I read I John Chapter 3. It said ‘When we see Him, we will be like Him.’ I immediately made the logically equivalent statement ‘You won’t see Him until you are like Him.’ I later learned that this was called a contrapositive. This completely undermined Fundamentalist theology. We cannot become like Christ through some ritual or theology. We share God’s Vision and use His Vision to transform the world we see. We set the world free from the prison of limiting thoughts we had created. When we see Him everywhere, we set ourselves and our brothers and sisters free and become like Him.

We can use the Vision of God because we think with the Mind of God. I must be thinking with the Mind of God because God is Universal Mind or Spirit. Therefore the only Mind with which I could possibly think is His.

Michael Talbot Holographic Universe Workshop


You might want to explore this idea of a Holographic Universe further in this article:

Is The World A Simulation? From Mark Twain To Modern Physics

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Monopoly Board Game Revised For Our Times

The new Federal Reserve edition of the popular board game Monopoly has been revised to fit the realities of the modern banking and real estate world. The most radical change is that the money in the game will no longer be issued as a public utility much like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks were. The new Monopoly money will be green just like Federal Reserve Notes. The players will still be issued $1,500 each at the beginning of the game but under the new rules interest will be paid on the money the Banker created out of nothing. The banker will be allowed to collect 10% interest or $150 at the beginning of the game from every player. Additionally, each player will pay $20 in interest to the banker every time they are allowed the privilege of taking a turn and rolling the dice.

Monopoly is an international game so Canadians and Britons can have their money with a picture of Mark Carney. Europeans can select Mario Draghi. Or anyone anywhere can choose between pictures of Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.

The goal of the old game was to become the wealthiest player. It is no longer possible for any player to become wealthy. The New Goal for all players is to survive without becoming impoverished and being sent to Debtor’s Prison.

Under the rules the Banker can no longer be a player.

There are several other new features to the game. One new rule must be read by the Banker before the game begins. The Banker says, “The Banks own the government, the Mainstream news media and the insurance companies. We now require all players to buy health insurance. Please give the Banker $200 to pay for your new and improved insurance premium.” There are also several insurance cards in the deck. Each card requires the player who drew it to pay an additional $200 insurance fee to the bank. In Europe the rules will have to explain that their National Health Service has been privatized. They game will help them understand how privatization is intended to work.

There still is a Get Out Of Jail Free card. But the card has been changed. It is now called a Goldman Sachs Get Out Of Jail Card. It says, “You must pay the Banker $200 for the privilege of getting out of jail.”

Under the new rules, drawing the Go To Jail card or landing on either the Jail or Go to Jail space will cost $200. The jail is privately owned. It is a subsidiary to the Bank that owns the insurance companies, the news media and the government. That is why the Bank must collect all court and jail fees. If you cannot pay the court costs, you will be incarcerated in a privately owned Debtor’s Prison and be paid 25 cents an hour. You will be a Debt Slave for the remainder of the game. Your game token and assets will be seized by the Bank.

There has been a change to deeds as well. In the Old Days people used to have clear deeds to their property. But in the modern world most mortgages are issued under the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) which is owned by the Banks. Anyone who buys a house will only own it until they draw a MERS card from the Chance deck. The MERS card says, “Unfortunately for you, the Bank has filed a robosigned fraudulent paper with the Banker Owned court claiming title to your home. Your home is now the property of the Bank.” All homes owned by the player will become the property of the Bank. The Banker will be allowed to collect all rents that had been due to the player. There are several of these cards in the deck.

There has also been a change to the utility companies. J P Morgan has taken over the role of ENRON in gaming the system. Blythe Masters, the head of Commodities at Morgan, bought a string of utilities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued rulings and fines against the utilities not owned by either General Electric or J P Morgan. Since players cannot own a bank, the Banker will read the following ‘Secret Rule’ after a player attempts to buy a utility. “You bought a public utility. The EPA has decided to bankrupt all utilities through Global Warming fines, fees and regulations. Your payment for the property will be kept. The Banker will assume possession of the deed at a private auction. All utility fees the players encounter will be paid to the banker. The Bank will be given an exemption from the fines, fees and regulations. And any player landing on the space will have to pay an additional $25 Global Warming tax to the Banker.”

Similar changes have been to the railroads. When the first player attempts to buy a railroad, the Banker will read aloud Secret Rule Two. The same Too Big To Jail Banks own all governments everywhere. So all railroads and public utilities will go through the same process. The railroads will be nationalized. Then they will be privatized. Service will be reduced and the cost to ride the train will increase sharply. The Banker will seize your railroad. He will collect all fees from players who land on any railroad space. When the player lands on a railroad, he or she will lose a turn to teach the players that privatization means slower service. And the Banker will collect a $25 surcharge from any player unfortunate enough to land on a privatized railroad to teach them that their Government is owned by the Banks.

There is a new Student Loan card. The card says, “Congratulations. You are a college graduate. Your interest payment on your student loans is due. The minimum due is $200. Pay the Banker.” Several of these cards are in the deck so all players will have an opportunity to pay.

There is a totally new You’ve Been Burgled card. It says, “The banks launder more than a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. The CIA is owned by the banks. It flies heroin and cocaine into your country and sells them to drug gangs. Addicts pay for the drugs by breaking into homes and stealing things. You were just burgled. Pay the Banker $200.”

There is also a new Austerity card. This is different than other cards because it applies to all players. If it is drawn, the player will read it aloud. It says, “The Banker Owned Government has been paying interest on money the Banker created out of nothing. This has lead to a severe economic crisis. The government needs a cash infusion to keep going. All players will give the Banker $200.” This is a Banker Owned Government so paying the Banker directly makes more sense than paying the government. Those fools might waste it by feeding starving children to win votes. It simplifies things by just paying your taxes directly to the Bankers.

There is a Hospital card. It says, “You were injured and sent to a hospital. An accountant did a quick check of your assets and the cost to treat your injuries. He has decided that you will cost the Banker Occupied Government more than you will ever pay in taxes. The Death Panel has met and decided your fate. You will die. Your money will be seized by the Banker as he owns the government.” The player surrenders his or her game token and waits for the other players to end up in Debtor’s Prison.

One goal of the game is to teach children this lesson: You must have less so that Bankers can have more. A lot more.

The game copies real life. It is an attempt to acquaint young children with the new realities they will face upon becoming an adult. To achieve the goal of Realism we have included an Economic Draft card. The player who draws it will read it aloud. It says, “You are impoverished and desperate so you join the military of a NATO country. The Banker has declared war in your behalf against country X. Country X is full of Evil People who do not pay interest on the money the Banks created out of nothing. The Banker pays you $200 to join. But after three turns, you will die as collateral damage from an American Depleted Uranium bomb. The Banker will seize your assets and your game token.”

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London Telegraph: Famine In Our Future

Normally I write about the banking system as a source of poverty. Today I want to discuss an agricultural crisis that could kill a billion or more people. Whenever we see pictures of farmers, they are elderly men. We need to attract a new generation of farmers. But we also face another major problem. It is the biological death of our soil. Hopefully, when the economy and our governments collapse, we will be able to make the changes needed to reclaim agriculture.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is well respected by the world’s financial community so his columns are suspected by men and women of the Left. We are in danger of famine on several fronts. I want to present his words of warning which appeared in the London Telegraph.

Dust to Dust: a man-made Malthusian crisis We must wake up to the global land crisis or face a very real threat of famine by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

American scientists have made an unsettling discovery. Crop farming across the Prairies since the late 19th Century has caused a collapse of the soil microbia that holds the ecosystem together.

They do not know exactly what role is played by the bacteria. It is a new research field. Nor do they know where the tipping point lies, or how easily this can be reversed. Nobody yet knows whether this is happening in other parts of the world.

A team at the University of Colorado under Noah Fierer used DNA gene technology to test the ‘verrucomicrobia’ in Prairie soil, contrasting tilled land with the rare pockets of ancient tallgrass found in cemeteries and reservations. The paper published in the US journal Science found that crop agriculture has “drastically altered” the biology of the land. “The soils currently found throughout the region bear little resemblance to their pre-agricultural state,” it concluded.

You might say we already knew this. In fact we did not. There has never before been a metagenomic analysis of this kind and on this scale. Professor Fierer said mankind needs to watch its step. “We really know very little about one of the most productive soils on the planet, but we do know that soil microbes play a key role and we can’t just keep adding fertilizers,” he said.

The Colorado study has caused a stir in the soil world. It was accompanied by a sobering analysis in Science by academics from South Africa’s Witwatersrand University. They fear that we are repeating the mistakes of past civilisations, over-exploiting the land until it goes beyond the point of no return, and leads to a vicious circle of famine, and then social disintegration.

Entitled “Dust to Dust”, the paper argues that the erosion of soil fertility has been masked by a “soup of nutrients” poured over crop lands, giving us a false sense of security. It said 1pc of global land is being degraded each year, defined as a 70pc loss of the top soil.

Once the top soil crosses a crucial threshold, the recovery rate plunges. Chemicals can keep crop yields high for a while but the complex ecology beneath is being abused further. Yields have already fallen 8pc across Africa as a whole. The paper calls for a complete change of course as the “only viable route to feeding the world and keeping it habitable.”

This degradation is courting fate given that the world’s population will grow by over a quarter to nine billion before peaking in the middle of the century. It comes as China and emerging Asia switch to an animal protein diet, replicating the pattern seen in Japan and Korea as they became rich. As a rule of thumb it takes 4kg-8kg of grains in animal feed to produce 1kg of meat.

Professor Robert Scholes, one of the authors, said there comes a point when terrified governments make a Faustian pact, sacrificing their future to stop their people starving today. “We’re seeing a massive arc of deforestation in Africa,” he said.

Cautionary stories abound. The East side of Magdascar has been destroyed by slash and burn deforestation, perhaps irreversbily in any human time horizon. Iceland’s Norse settlers turned their green and partly forested island into a Nordic desert in the 10th Century. They have yet to restore the fragile soil a thousand years later, despite careful husbandry.

“We’re running out of new agricultural frontiers and we don’t have the freedom to make errors any more. We are using up our nutrient capital and face a looming food crisis over the next 30 to 40 years. There is a risk that we are going to paint ourselves into a corner. Famine is a very real possiblity,” he said.

The Sumerian civilisation that first pioneered cereal farming in the Tigris and Euphrates was almost certainly destroyed by soil erosion and over-cultivation. The Gilgamesh epic describes tracts of cedar forest in Iraq before it was cut down for the timber trade around 2,600 BC.

The story is usually the same, whether for the lowland Maya central America, or the Khmer Empire of Angkor, or Easter Island, recounted by Jared Diamond in “Collapse”. Once the hillside trees are cut down, water flows are disturbed. It then becomes harder to feed saturated settlements. Societies take short-cuts to survive, leaving less land fallow . The spiral accelerates. It seems that a climate shock is the often the coup de grace, pushing them over the edge.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) says the world food demand will 50pc by 2030, requiring up to 170m- 220m hectares of fresh land. Yet it also expects land degradation to cut output by 12pc over the next 25 years.

Expected growth in the world population. Source: UN

The UNCCD is aiming for a global deal to achieve “zero net land degradation” from 2015, mostly by replanting forests. The body’s environment chief Veerle Vanderweerde says it is not going well. “We know what to do to restore degraded land. It’s not impossible but it takes time, money, dedication, and political will, and there is not a lot political will.”

There have been heart-warming episodes. Yacouba Sawadogo, “the man who stopped the desert”, began to revive the ancient zai technique thirty years to stop soil erosion on his little farm in Burkina Faso. It involved digging smal holes and filling them with compost and tree seeds to catch the seasonal rains, recreating a woodland of 20 hectares in the arid Sahel. Sadly, local officials then expropriated the land.

Mrs Vanderveerde said global agro-industrial companies are moving into new frontiers, stripping and degrading land for quick profit, more akin to mining than farm stewardship. “They can’t just come in, take the resources, and then walk away. The big companies need to change their behaviour and they won’t do it unless they are made to,” she said.

A new Land Matrix Global Obervatory put together by five research centres says the world land rush by investors is not quite as bad as feared. An Agri-SA investment in the Congo proved to be just 80,000 hectares, not 10m as alleged.

The observatory has tracked deals equal to 48m hectares — completed or in the pipeline — an area the size of Spain. This may understate the figure since foreign firms have learned to tread carefully after a populist backlash in Africa and Latin America. They work through local ventures.

The registry found that the top investors came from the US, followed by Malaysia, the Arab Emirates, and the UK (mostly global funds in London). China was lower, though this may change after it struck a deal in September to lease 5pc of Ukraine’s land surface for fifty years, on paper a 3m hectare prize as large as Belgium.

The top target is Papua New Guinea, home to one of the last great rain forests, now a third owned by foreign firms. It is followed closely by Indonesia, Sudan, the Congo, and Mozambique. Nobody is really policing this.

Famine worries have abated since the Malthusian scare of 2008 when corn and wheat prices tripled in three years and then stayed high, triggering the food riots that led to the Arab Spring. The UN says bumper crops in the US, Canada, and Ukraine have boosted world cereal output by 8pc this year: consumption has risen 3.5pc.

Global grain stocks have jumped 13pc to a slightly safer level, yet still cover just 69 days of global comsumption. Stocks averaged 107 days in the 1980s and 1990s. We are operating on a very thin margin. Nor have food prices returned to earlier levels. The UN’s food price index is up by 105pc over the last decade.

We are becoming complacent again. The blunt truth is that the world cannot afford to lose one hectare of land a year, let alone 12m hectares. The added discovery that we doing even more damage than feared to the soil microbia should bring us to our senses. We argue too much about global warming, which may or may not be caused by man’s actions, and may or may catch us this century.

The global land crisis is almost entirely our own doing. It is closing in on us right now. It can be reversed if world leaders choose to reverse it.

My Comment: The dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen and our governments will soon collapse. If we are to survive, we need to solve our agricultural crisis. The soil is dying. The land is depleted of minerals. And our farmers are aging.
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