Emma Curtis Hopkins: Judgment Series in Spiritual Science Part 4

Lesson X                                                                                                        Page 66

TEXT:  “And God said: Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle and creeping things.” Gen. 1:24

TEXT:  “And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead that they should be judged, and that THOU shouldest give reward to thy servants.” Rev. 11:18

“Earth” is rounded whole: all I am. The God quality in me says a few things in its own tongue perpetually. If I listen as a Moses, I speak with my tongue audibly and it sounds like this test (Gen. 1:24) when I come to talk of the round earth and my relation to it. For I am not able to see cattle and creeping things except I let them be seen. I have certain qualities within me which extend by fine wires outwardly and at the tip end of those wires that go forth from me, I must see cattle If I extend another set of qualities, at the tip ends thereof I see men.

All these things proceed forth from me which I see everywhere. There is, therefore, here at my headquarters a power to transform those cattle and creeping things into angels, into mountains, into anything. The power stands here at my headquarters.

There is one voice in me that Moses called “God”. It is the urging voice. It wants to keep me pushing out my wires all the time and making new things to look at. Sometimes this voice has no kind judgment, for it urges me to make rules and regulations that are as burdensome and irksome to myself as for those creatures at the end of those fine wires. For instance, this urging voice said, “Keep on multiplying and replenishing everything” – but I do not want to multiply and replenish the things called cattle and creeping things. I want to abolish that kind of visibility. Even if Moses, my tongue of interpretation, calls these things symbols, I do not want them multiplied. Even if cattle and earth mean sold friends and prosperous affairs, like Joseph in Genesis, I do not want them. What I do want is to cease from this projecting fine wires from my headquarters and having an eternal round of people and affairs to meet.

The tongue That I have let get sway in my headquarters is Moses. If I do not cease from this host of creatures at the end of my fine wires, I am like the king in the fable who set a fool in his place in his place, and of course the fool was king.The true king had abdicated. How should he get his throne back again? So I, if I let the Moses tongue get to describing the God in me, will keep on dealing with an urging God all the time,

Page 67

It is not till I strike the tongue called Jesus Christ that I see any way to stop the cattle and creeping business and extend from my throne a kind of people and environments that I,  myself, want to see.

The Jesus Christ Name is the secret tongue, but if sounded upon constantly it becomes the loud tongue. Moses is all hushed. The Jesus Christ tongue in me starts up with my uttering the Name over and over. This makes the nations appear to be angry. They rise and upheave and stir and splash. This is because the fine wires which project out from me are being withdrawn. Jesus Christ is not Moses. The Name hushes the projecting sounds and calls them home for me. I am for the first time feeling something like rest from the Moses tongue.

The Jesus Christ tongue which stops the multiplying and replenishing of cattle, men, strange actions and worlds has an undertone. That undertone comes into prominence as I proceed to let the Jesus Christ Name and doctrine stop the old law of things. It is a still more powerful stop the old law of things. It is a still more powerful tongue than the name Jesus Christ. John, the Revelator, called it a New Name.

But the Jesus Christ Name is the new king I set on the throne to put down the material set of sights that confront me. There is no urging God in Jesus Christ administration. I hear only one tone forever, and that is not my storage of tongues to shoot any wires forward with any creatures their tip ends. That Name is a drawing any creatures at their tip ends. That Name is a drawing power for those tongues that, like fools, or like sensible beings, are still eager to get the upper hand in my kingdom.

No Name is such a swallower-up in kindness in its projecting prowesses. It talked of laws of good and laws of evil continually. The Name of Jesus Christ causes all things to insist on being good in my sight or dying at once. But it is certain that the Name that is under Jesus Christ, the soft, unheard tone is not speaking of good or evil. It tell something that is beyond, sweeter than the story of the good. As the name Jesus Christ had swallowed up all the things the Moses tongue had projected, so the unheard, soft Name swallows up all that the Name Jesus Christ had manifested.

In this clothing of tongues that I have folded myself with, I will let the Name that is softer and finer than the name Jesus Christ reign. As I take note of the name that is softer and finer than the name Jesus Christ, I find myself no longer looking outward and forward, no longer throwing ideas outward over a planet to change conditions, but find all the fine ideas brought home to my throne. He that sitteth on the throne is

Page 68

in charge of all the creatures projected by the Moses name, and also in charge of all the creations projected by the Jesus Christ Name. They are all brought into His fingers. The time of the dead is come. It is rest.

All the thoughts, all the feelings, all the senses, are now drawn inward, backward, upward, and are in the Name that has its sound under the name Jesus Christ.

This withdrawing, this bringing home, is the real doctrine preached by Jesus of Nazareth. He was a voice teaching repentance. All the masterpieces of genius that the world has ever seen were wrought in moments when man suddenly stopped and ceased from looking forward and outward, even with their eyes, and let all their faculties gaze backward and upward to Him that sitteth forever in soft unheard verity on the throne of every man’s own being.

There is one common Point in me which is the common Point in all mankind, from whose silent mystery all wonderful, beautiful, majestic things had their origin. Whoever even approximately hints at turning to the Point gets for his substance the genius quality. He makes, like Raphael, divine paintings. Or he makes, like Beethoven, divine music. Or he makes, like Lao Tsu, divine paragraphs. Or he makes, like Keeley, a mysterious airship. Or he makes, like Gassner, Divine healings. No wonder taught for his principle, repentance.

No wonder it was promised to the Israelites that in returning and rest should they be saved. For the turn into the Me of Myself is to return to my home throne no matter which of my thoughts I draw home. The Moses tongue has therefore driven all the other tongues with its urging to create good objects with shadows of themselves called bad objects. But the Jesus Christ tongue soon draws them all home here to my throne where in soft, unspeaking splendor, the tongue that is the only expresser of me, sitteth hidden forever and ever unless I say its Name and tell it to reign.

John saw this One so long hidden, coming into sight, by his looking inward, backward, upward, and heard it say, “Behold I make all things new.”

This is the only lesson Jesus Christ taught. He sometimes called it: “Look”. He sometimes called it: “Behold”. He sometimes called it: “Turn”. He sometimes called it: “Repent”. He sometimes called it: “Consider”. Whoever catches himself looking within, backward, upward, catches himself, bringing forth new demonstrations.

Solomon told every man that had leisure to watch a little ant. He would find that it would

Page 69

open like a drop of water and show a multitude id ideas to a man’s brain. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.”

Jesus taught watching birds for bread. He taught watching flowers for clothing. His one wonderful lesson was, “Watch”. He knew to watch anything would be to turn the visions backward and upward and above from whose throne all things come forth.

To get home – to get home to the throne of me is my rest. “In returning and rest ye shall be saved.” (Isa. 30: 15)

“Learn of Me.” The “Me” is my soft voice, the under-key of the name Jesus Christ. It has a manna for my mind so that my mind is brilliantly wise. It has a manna for my tongue so that my tongue is brilliantly true and wise. It has manna for my body so that my body is well fed and transcendentally beautiful.

How wonderful is my world, fed by the manna of that soft Name hidden under the name Jesus Christ.

How gladly all the fine wires draw themselves back, repent, and come home to the  throne of the “Me” to be taught how to move. How gladly Moses comes up to “Me” that is the undertone, the unspoken invisible one on the throne here in myself.

John beheld it. He heard it speak. Its voice was like no sound he had ever heard before. Its face was like no other face he had ever seen. It said, “Behold I make all things new.”

There is no such thing as poverty at the tip ends of the fine wires that run from this tongue. ” They hunger no more, neither thirst any more.”

There is poverty with the Moses tongue.  There is delay with the Jesus tongue.  But with the tongue of the New Name, there is no time. All is true and unspeakably well now. There are no changes to be made.

No one has to trust in this Name or in this Kingdom, hoping for something different to transpire. Nothing different is wanted. All that is, is right. “Thy world is settled in heaven,” saith David.

“We go no more out, forever,” said the Voice to John, speaking for this world.

Every treatment sent forth has moth and rust to meet. Even the Name Jesus Christ shot forward into any man will meet so much moth and rust of opposition in him that

Page 70

that he is apt to die at once.

The coming backward and inward, homeward here, to my throne, up on high where the Mystic One called the “Lamb” sitteth, is a highway over which health, strength, wisdom, may walk down to man and make his world beautiful for him with peace and good will – over which the kingdoms of man are drawn back into the throne and thus the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. In Truth, the kingdoms of this world come from their places back, up, into heaven over all the lines made by my faculties turning backward, inward, upward, and beholding Him that sitteth now on my throne.

Lesson XI                                                                                                      Page 71

TEXT:  “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion.” Gen. 1:26

“And the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his temple the ark of the testament.” Rev. 12:19

Plato saw mankind all looking at shadows on a cave wall. They could not see the real objects till they should wrench themselves around and see behind them.

All the changeable, unreliable situations of human life are those shadows. God, the changeless and eternal Substance, changes and fades not. But all the movements of God, the Eternal are pictured as nature with its death, change, and unreliability. Images and likenesses are not realities. The instant we turn from likenesses in a mirror, we see the objects that cast them. So when we turn around from beholding what is before our vision, we begin to behold realities. This is repentance.

The vision of man is double. It can see materially which is image; or it can see Spirituality which is Substance.

The single-eyed see determinedly one way. When eyes are fixed on Spirit, they do not see matter, they do not see Spirit. When eyes are fixed on Spirit, they do not see matter. “If thine eye be single to Spirit, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

To say this to mankind seems absurd, but if mankind stop to consider what hath happened around them since they can remember, they will recall that all the wonderful things have ever done because they had not been looking forward, but backward. It is not a difficult thing to do. Close the eyes and throw the vision backward, inward, upward.

Vieta, the mathematician, would spend whole days seeing nothing outside and around himself. His eyes outwardly looked dazed, but his whole vision was engaged mystically. He would then bring forth accurate mathematical solutions.

Archimedes was too engrossed with his backward visions to perceive when his life was threatened by the swords of the Syracuse soldiers.

Jesus was so engaged with the vision of heaven, that for the sake of a world’s happiness, He ignored the shame and the pain of the cross. How could images, pictures, delusions,

Page 72

shadows, affect the single-eyes Jesus, the single-eyed Vieta, the single-eyed Archimedes.

Stephen, also, was gazing into the heaven and felt not the stones. That which is discovered by gazing inward and backward and upward is heavenly. “Turn ye, turn ye, for why will ye die!” That is, why should be identified with shadows that end?

What does a man see by looking behind himself? He may seem to see nothing.  What is nothing? It is better than all the railroads and schoolhouses, the church steeples and factories, we can fasten our gaze upon. Why is this? Because it is the Substance out of which the genius of man is born. Its name has been called “Primal Dark”. Jacob Boehme called it thus. But is nothingness, darkness, blankness, all that man can see by thus turning around to face his origin? By no manner of means, He shall find the whole Kingdom of Heaven. He shall find the true God. He shall find himself. Seeing a neighbor’s true nature cures that neighbor instantly. Who shall cure me of disease save him that seeth no disease in me, but seeth my true nature?

Spiritual Science is the orderly arrangement of Truth. It has for its particular effect the rapid hurrying of mind to the limit of its ability. We are at the door of the Kingdom of inspiration. What is inspiration? It is unaccountable wisdom.

The River of Jordan is called the God River. It is the Science of God as told by mind. As the River Jordan nears the Dead Sea, it falls rapidly. So the Science of God nears the belt line of its limit, runs over the that last device of mind to explain God, which we all Spiritual Science with its twelve orderly statements of Truth. They are not new assertions, but they are the ultimate of religious reasonings as found in all Bibles. They hurry the mind to its limits so swiftly that you this minute have got so far as you can think.  You do not wish to think. No evidence of being at the belt line where you can turn around and be your native self, inspiration itself, is better than a feeling of having reached the end of your thinking powers.

The Dead Sea has been found to contain the stuff for manufacturing every known article of commerce. So this nothing which we see as we turn around with our inner eyesight is the origin of all that we have hoped for. As the Dead Sea has been maligned and misrepresented, so looking backward has been maligned. But looking forward has

Page 73

manufactured our present state of civilization, which is a miserable failure. The mission of Jesus was to call us as a race, to turn – to return, “If a man smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Here is a lesson in the return, the repent, the turn square around principle. It means that if we are hit on our religious side with the strong knowledge that it is not a power to cure us so far as we have worked it up, we must look around to see the world behind us. Thus we turn our very faith in outward forms, outward words, thoughts, around into the Divine Primal Dark. This faith is our left cheek. When both cheeks face the Primal State, we are faced square around.

Job was faced square around by supreme trouble. This was the smite on his religious cheek, which showed him that religion which was actually as good as the twelve lessons of Spiritual Science.

I.  There is only God.
II. That which is not God is nothing.
III. All is God. I am God.
IV.  I have the faith of God.
V.   I work the works of God.
VI. I understand God.
VII. I see all things as born of God.
VIII. I see God plainly.
IX. I sense the goodness of God in all.
X. There is but one worlds.
XI. The wisdom of God faces me now.
XII. To name God is to see God.

Put these cursory notes on the Spiritual Lessons beside Job’s doctrine and see how they tally. There is one passage of Job which we have not perfectly translated to match the Truth lesson, there is a treatment for taking cognizance of the perfection in this world of mankind; seeing the perfect man in your worst foe; seeing the perfect body in the most apparently diseased.

The present translation of Job’s tenth lesson reads: “I know that my Redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.” Job 19:25

As is has been translated for another Bible, it reads, “For I know that He is eternal who is about to deliver me on earth, to restore this skin which endures these things.”

Page 74

The first translation is orthodox religion, which puts health off into the next world. The second translation is the Spiritual Science rapids which decrees everything to be done here on this earth, inside this, my skin. But neither one is the Dead Sea of the Absolute. By that sea, we see the Divine Nothing. We name it Jesus Christ. We keep our eyes fixed on it. Like the mathematician, Vieta, we watch it. Like him, we name it. He named what he was after. Are we after anything short of the Absolute?

Jesus Christ represents Absoluteness. “All power is given unto Me.”

John watched until he saw those who kept this name given a new name. He saw them eat manna, that is — Absoluteness.

The earliest colleges for studying the presence of the Absolute were established by Samuel. But he did not originate them. Watching the Absolute, Elisha wrought miracles at the two schools of Gilgal and Jericho.

Whatever Elisha might have found out about the supreme kindness of looking behind him instead of outside him, we are not told. But this you will find, namely, that there is no sorrow or death to follow your looking backward and letting what you name be brought forward. But there is always misery accompanying forcing your thoughts outward – Elisha’s slaying his enemies; Peter cutting off the servant’s ear; John’s asking for fire to destroy his neighbors.

If you will fill a building with the Name Jesus Christ, by the process of shooting the name forward into that building, something will destroy the building, very likely fire. If you look backward and name what sitteth on the throne, Jesus Christ, the divine power of Kindness will shed itself over and through that building.

It is to the spreading forth of ideas outwardly that we owe all our civilization. But Jesus Christ said that his followers preached repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven would be visible. He did not admire civilization. When the Kingship of a great country was urged upon Him by the very people themselves, He declined it.

All that is brought to pass in your affairs, by putting your words of will into your affairs, has a sting to it. But whatever cometh from heaven while you look into it and name what you wish, has not sting.

As we look around us to him that sitteth on the throne,” we ourselves are one with “Him that sitteth on the throne.”

Page 75

The temple of God is ourself. It is an opening body. We can disclose wonderful things. “The ark of His testament,” said John, was shown: The Shrine of His words and wills, for they have no stings of poverty or death or disease.

Under the civilized wills of outward religions, statistics record great increases of sorrows.

Under the will of heaven into which we look straight, we shall not record a single death, nor notice a single hungry or disappointed or defeated one.

We do not need to use our will. We find a will divine that uses itself.

We do not need to use our thoughts. We find a lofty noble thought using itself its own way. We rest from effort and yet wonderful works do follow us.

What man so supernal in power and wisdom as the man who has laid down his power and wisdom?

What world so beyond the pen to describe as the world not made with hands of effort – the eternal world of many mansions where the Divine Father-Mother maketh divine man?

Lesson XII                                                                                           Page 76

TEXT: “God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth… And God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good.” Gen. 1:28-31

TEXT: “And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.” Rev. 8:6

TEXT: “And there were voices and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.” Rev. 8:5

TEXT: “And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.” Rev. 15:3

Here is the Fact. Something is Fact.

Some sing the song of Moses, and they call that which they sing, The Fact.

Some song the song of the Lamb, and they call that which they sing, Fact.

But John, the seer, found that in heaven they sing the two songs and they are not touched by death, pain, hardship, prisons, or debts.

Let it be known that the song of Moses is Scientific Truth. That is, Truth which can be reasoned from some premise and proved in some external appearance.

And let is be known that the song of the Lamb is the Unaccountable Fact which was before Truth. There had to be something for Truth to be about. And that Something which Truth mentions is the Unaccountable – The Fact.

Whoever watches an ant will have peculiar experiences. His brain cells will open and small shining particles will suddenly appear in them. These particles will clash together and he will know new things or particles or machinery. Whoever watches a white lily will find peculiar changes transpiring in his clothing. Whoever watches birds will find peculiar changes coming to his house and bread.

” For that which thou seest, man

That, too, become thou must;

God, if thou seest God,

Dust, if thou seest dust.”

Page 77

Now, if we watch the Song of Science, we are forever transposing. That is, we have laws of thought, laws of speech, laws of action. If we speak, we are careful of our words, lest they turn out hair white or give us rheumatism. If we meditate, we are careful to have no prejudices, lest we find our property lost and our children vicious. This is transposition. That is, something here transposes itself into something there. It is sure that we can by transposition or law, get rid of nothing. We simply shift it from one side to another.

I borrow ten dollars from you, and you get afraid I will not pay you, so you dun me on a day when I cannot pay. It will not make any difference how many years after this transposition science permits you to flourish, but as sure as you are  now traveling on the circumference of a circle, you will come to a day when someone will dun you for what you cannot pay. This is transposition. This is the song of Moses. This is Science.

The song of Science has the principle of denial. It tells you that if you deny that as a divine being you could be dunned, you will go scot free of duns. But this science also adds that you have to be particular to state what part of dunning you put out of your circle, or you will not shine, and when and where the voices of your loved ones dun you to hear them, you cannot hear. Thus accurate and exact is science.

It is transposition of word and thought that is transposition of word and thought into outwardly things, and reaction if the outwardly visible on thoughts and words. Even supposing thoughts and words are left through denial in toto of matter, then there is the misty realm between matter and thought which was and is a transposition of thoughts and words into another stuff other than matter.

The song of transposition is the song of the law. It sings of the power of the word. It makes the ramifications and the transpositions of words an endless song. Yet we may be telling the truth about every motion.

This will forever be the song of the law – the Song of Moses. It is Truth as related to phenomena, but it is the Truth of the accountable.

The Song of the Lamb is the song of the Uaccountable. To the religious mind, it is a stumbling block. Why? Because, “I will have mercy upon who I will have mercy; and whom I will, I harden.”

Page 78

It is to reason foolishness. Why? Because there is no law or responsibility in it.

When the Unaccountable is sung, it creates astonishments. It is the Song of the Lamb. It tells of heaven. It causes the law to bend down low, as a back for the Kingdom of Heaven to walk downward into earth with.

Put the Song of Transposition going. Keep it going. The more you work it, the sooner you see the need of another song. This is the Lamb, the Unlawed, The Unaccountable.

Now keep your eye on the Unaccountable, and you yourself will be the Unaccountable. But there is something to be sung about the Unlawed. What is it? It is that which has no reasoning, or Greekism. It is that which has no religion, or Jewism. It is represented in the universe as Jesus Christ.

With the Name opened to man, the seven angels prepare to sound.

There is the stumbling-block Fact in the universe – Jesus Christ. Sing what it is that is not according to law or reason.

There is the foolishness Fact in the universe. Sing what it is that is foolishness.

The utmost of foolishness is the Jesus Christ Fact in the universe. Put this song with the song of transposition and we have no use for the law. This is heaven. Heaven is here.

The song of the Lamb that God saw as good, touches all who are singing the song of transposition.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Fact, not accounted for – The Lamb.

Jesus Christ suffered death once for all men. Whoever looks to that Fact, goes scot free of death.Have you looked at that Fact? Then you will never die. “But”, you say, “good Christians die.”Do they? “Well,” you say, “they seem to die.” Do Christians singing the song of the Fact, die? No. They take the Unaccountable Fact and say unto It, or Him, or Her, “I take thee at thy word.” As thou didst die one for me, I need not die. This is actual Christianity. Artificial Christianity says, “If Jesus died, why should I not die.” “If Jesus suffered, how cowardly I am to complain of suffering.”

Let this twelfth lesson teach you the good Song of the Lamb — the Unaccountable Fact.

Page 79

Look unto Him that sitteth on the throne within thine own Self — up — look high — and sing this Song:

“Thou didst take hardship for me and I do not have

to take hardship. I go scot free.

“Thou didst take sickness for me and I do not need

to take sickness.  I go scot free.

Thou didst take debts for me and I do not need to

owe debts.   I go scot free.

Thou didst take shame and disgrace for me and I

do not shame and disgrace.  I go scot free.

Thou didst take bravery once for me and now I do not have

to be brave.  I go scot free.

Thou didst take pain once for me and I do not have to bear

pain.  I go scot free.

Thou didst bear me once as a burden and no one has to

bear me as a burden.  They go scot free.”

On whatever line or plan of life or experience we are grinding out our existence, this Song of the Unaccountable is the Song of the Lamb.

“Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.”

Do you see ant reason why any Being or Fact should take away your sins, your debts, your pains, your disgraces, your poverty, your shirking, your bravery, and you go scot free?

This is the Unlawed. There is no law for the Lamb; no reasoning about the Lamb; no transposition from right to left.

The twenty-four elders fall down. The throne is visible.

The song of the law is that I must meet death when it shoots its threats at me, with my guns of scientific denials of death. I must work my mental guns on the physical battalions of death. But the Song of the Lamb is that I may look at the Fact in the Universe – – the One that took death once for me, leaving me free from death.

How long might mankind fight death? As long as he pleases. As long as he shall sing Moses.Five thousand years, if he pleases; ten million years, if he likes. But the Fact remains that death is self-imposed, or self-accepted. Man, by looking at the deathless Fact, goes scot free of sin, of poverty, of pain, of hardships, of disgrace, of hurts. The Eternal and Absolute Fact is the origin of the Transposition of words into things and things into words, for it is by the Fact that the phenomenon of turning over and over keeps up.

Page 80

The twelfth stone is the amethyst, free peace, free prosperity, free health, free life, free wisdom.

Glory be to the Lamb. Glory be to the Fact. To Thee I look. Thee I receive. Thou hast receive all that I have.

Thou hearest my burdens — O bear none, Thou takest my death — I did not.

Thou takest my shame.

I see the Fact and am One with It.








































































































































































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I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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