Emma Curtis Hopkins: Judgment Series in Spiritual Science Part 2

Lesson IV                                                                                                                Page 23

TEXT:   “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.” Gen. 1:6

TEXT:  “And the fourth angel sounded and the third angel and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for the third part of it, and the night likewise. And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice, Woe,  woe, woe, to the inhabitants of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpets of the three angels which are yet to sound.” Rev. 8:12-13

The first six lessons always deal with the divine ego whose throne is in the myself of each man.

The last six lessons always deal with the divine ego in the universe whose throne is everywhere equally present.

Moses and John clasp hands over the seas and sands of centuries in making the fourth lesson the doctrine of faith. Jesus had a doctrine of faith. All the inspired of the ages have had a doctrine of faith.

Faith is confidence. Faith is spiritual certainty without need of outward sight. Faith is substance. Faith is the body of the mind.

Paul thought that without faith it would be impossible to please God. By this he meant that the Divine Ego in the universe show the divine power of man’s Divine Ego when bold confidence on the part rends the flimsy veil of hiding by being strictly certain that back of of the human ego the Divine Fact abides; and through the universe the Divine Fact abides also. The human ego is glad to get out of the way.

That which already is, is to be seen. Jesus insisted that the human ego, or lord of the body, ought to be very bold, violent, determined, firm, insistent. As: “The violent take the kingdom of God by force.” These directions were in His fourth lesson. Every transaction pertaining to compelling things unseen to be seen, is a practice of firmness, that is, firm-a-ment – or firm mind.

A man wished to call his friend from the world of the departed. Keeping very still, he firmly called mentally. He

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called again. He spoke the name as one determined to be heard. Soon answer rang down the winds from without through the walls of his room: “I’m coming.” He was too frightened to receive his mystic guest. It was night on this world’s bosom, and the night terrifies the human ego.

This is only an illustration of the firmness with which the Divine Fact of the universe must be dealt with. While thus firm, the mind seems to change from its former substance, quavering and doubting, to a new Substance, steady and certain. But it is true that the Divine Ego in man is changeless, then it is not true that the human ego changes into the Divine. No. The human ego lets go being itself. The human ego lets go being anything. By firmness, it rends itself apart and the Divine shines through.

The human mind is lord over all things by thousands, yea, even millions of methods. Its firmness is always needed in every method. No man succeeds on any line without being firm in the right fashion. All firmness is hinting at that firmness Moses speaks of whereby the human mind rends itself like a veil and lets the Body – the Fact – the Substance that changes not – come into view. He was hinting at the same firmness that Jesus meant.

John means the firm angel by his talk of the fourth angel flying through the midst of heaven crying to the earth its woe because of what had been spoken by the first three angels and its woe to come by the other three angels yet to come by the other three angels yet to sound.

Earth is human ego. Its shape is like the earth. If you say, “The idea is on my mind that I am unhappy,” you are speaking more nearly of the way the idea lives, than if you say it is in your mind. We are in the human “I am” as earth. The three lessons in Judgement do sound woe to the human ego, because they prefer it to rend itself. The other three angels are a woe to the human ego indeed if the first three have been heard, for the human ego cannot then be found. The only Presence then is the Divine; the woes are fulfilled. The rending of the human mind is its departure. Its rending is its own doings. Its rending is sure if it has heard the messages of the first three lessons aright.

The human mind gets conscious of there being a Spiritual manner of hearing. Then the human mind begins to throw off its ideas from its surface  as one might swing his arms and throw aside things hovering in the air.

The sun of mind is intellect till the Spiritual Sun is heard about. Then the interest the human ego takes in being intellectual wanes. He does not care any more for his intellect.

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John said this was the sure effect of hearing the first three lessons in Judgment. (Rev. 8:12)

The human ego is as a weather vane, turning first to one wind that blows and then to another, all the time in hope of finding something to believe in sufficiently to disappear. Notice how your mind is always searching for that in which you may repose absolute confidence. You rest it in a religion, but then suddenly find you are as unsatisfied as ever. The religion has not preserved you from calamity, nor brushed aside your pain. You repose for a while in a friend, but suddenly the friend is gone. You realize the instability of all things. It is the weather vane trick of mind or the human ego. Find the Stable One.

“Let the Lord be thy confidence; He will not suffer thy feet to be taken.” “There is One God who is above you all and through you all and in you all.” This God changes not. The Kingdom of God changes not. Eye hath not seen it. Mind hath not imagined it. But confidence in the superincumbrence of an eternal and changeless Presence makes an entirely new outlook in your life. Your eyes see better conditions. Your mind feels happier.

The new conditions are not the visibility of the true Kingdom. The happy mind is not heaven. The confidence of the mind that rends itself to the extent that Jesus Christ taught must be spoken of by us and realized by all who know about that Jesus Christ mind in themselves, as utterly indifferent to environments. The highest state of faith is beyond environments.

If the Divine Ego were glad because I were happy, and mournful because I am mourning, then it were as undesirable to be Divine as human. “God seeth not as man seeth.”

Infinity is bliss says Gautama. This is why looking towards the Changeless One brings happy changes. We look by a firm mind. With our eyes of mind fixed always towards the Changeless One, we rally a mysterious confidence.  We know that no evil can touch us. There is one promise of the Divine and Changeless that is strength even to read it over: “I will contend with him that contendeth against thee.” Confidence, which is faith, soon rises so strong that no amount of cumulated disadvantages dismays you. The One in whom confidence is put is equal to quelling the stormiest of seas. The highest mountains of difficulty fade into misty nowhere.

“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting  Arms.” The Jesus Christ Mind in every man is the

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Jesus Christ Mind that charges the universe with safety. ” Look unto Me and be ye saved.”

The safety of a man is his faith. “If a man have confidence,” says the Shinto religious teacher, “though he place that confidence in a sardine’s head, it will do what he expects.” Confidence is in itself a render of films.

Look at Elisha hulling out bread enough from the ten loaves to feed a hundred young men. Look at him rending the film from a handful of salt and disclosing its healing properties. Others might practice putting salt into water but only to make it taste worse than ever. Elisha had such confidence that the healing power of the spirit of the universe was bound to be disclosed, even through the grains of salt.

The healing power in this universe was once given the name “Jesus Christ.” Is not that as good a name as “God”? Suppose the adepts of the Orient can charge a name with such energy that whenever it is spoken, a miracle is wrought. They have in times past so charged certain names. This is the case with the name “Jesus Christ”. One came who is so filled His Own Name with His omnipotent faith, that it is His own healing power, prospering power, to this day. He called the omnipotent Spark that shines in all men, by His Own Name.

He called the omnipotent Fire that shines back of and through all things by His own Name.

Whatever great work you would see performed, call the Power by which it is to be worked out by the Name He gave directions to call it, and see if it will not demonstrate in your having a strong confidence first, and then seeing the mighty deed wrought it afterward. “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, He will give you.”

Take that text for a fact. Take that Spark of Divinity that shines in you and call it the Jesus Christ in you. Tell it what you want done. Tell it what you want the God in the universe to perform for you. Call it by its rightful Name. Call again. Call firmly. You are speaking to the Omnipotent Spark in your being. It will force you to feel the confidence as a magnet forces a steel needle to be magnetic. And your confidence may be so absolute that you are no longer among us as human but are present all Divine. You have faith in God. You have the faith of God! You are God!

The waters of changing thoughts come and go. One day it is gloom, the other it is goodness. The lesson of Moses was: “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.”

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You have the power to be firm. God is, and God is present. Be firm. Call on God. Call again. Be determined not to be refused. The God in you has supreme rights in the universe. The God in the universe can be plainly seen by insisting.

It is true that human affairs move and stir and change. “But I am the Lord, I change not.” It does not make human affairs or human mind real to say they change. There is no reality in them. The reality that fills the very place that they seem to occupy is the changeless God. It does not make the human mind a reality to describe its gloom and pleasures. The reality that occupies the very place where the human mind seem to be is the Divine Mind.

When one calls a chair “God” he means that his confidence in God is so strong that he feels God there where it looks like a chair. There is no chair there. God is only there. Where the human mind claims to be, God only is there. The chair and the mind that formulates chairs are both absent.

God is here. The unreal is nothing. The real is all. The real is alive, intelligent, reliable. It never loses intelligence, life, reliability. We are capable of seeing the real by rending the veil and flying between the two parts thereof as John saw the angel flying. An angel is a firm beautiful message. It is a dart of Truth that cuts the mental cataracts open. The hopes of heaven and the beliefs of earth are rolled aside.

The heaven that the human mind has longed for is described as a state opposite to hades. But God the true kingdom is not opposite to anything. It is noticed, Paul said, that we never rend the veil in this age by the word God. We rend it by the word Jesus Christ. The lesson that cuts the cataract over your mind’s attention is the lesson on faith that shows your human mind how to stop describing heaven and earth, and see the real heaven and the real earth that the Jesus Christ spark in you, your real life sees. If we describe our unfortunate affairs, we see them. If we describe a heaven and a hell, we shall see them.

A mystic travelled in a trance to a place where he saw millions of people in fiery torments. He had an angel with him these people had described hell all their human days and were now realizing it. Did that make the hell real? By no means. It only showed the mystic the eventual power of insistence. He spoke to them loudly to call their attention , “These fires are not real,” he shouted. You manufacture bogus conditions by firmly believing in them. Start up yourselves and declare firmly that they are nothing – nothing – nothing. Declare firmly the Name,  Jesus Christ. That is the name of that principle within you that does not see these fires and never agreed with your mind when it was believing in fires. The everlasting God puts no one in hell. You may dissolve your own manufactures.”

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Such sublime looks as these self-condemned creatures gave!

Paul speaks of preaching to the spirits in prison. He doubtless had seen the multitudes of people who had talked firmly of punishments of God till they were shut into walls of imagination. Ezekiel speaks of those in the walls of imagery. Thus the human mind is found incapable of describing either heaven or hell.

Are you satisfied with the heaven St John pictures? Are you satisfied with the heaven the Spiritualists describe? Are you satisfied with the heavens Swedenborg tells of? Are you satisfied with Mahomet’s description of heaven? But there is something in you that can describe heaven and earth exactly. You believe in this something within you. There is Something present everywhere that knows the exact description.

This message of Science is the angel that cuts the mind. If you do not like to place your confidence in that inward one that is the real Myself of of you by calling it Jesus Christ, pray tell what is its better name ? If you have the confidence to tell it you cannot name it, but would like to see it take all your life in hand, you can do so. You have one message only on this point and that is, “BE firm!”Hold your own while the waters of your daily lot sweep by you. David said: “The proud waters have rushed over me, but in Thee do I trust.”

Jesus called this Father. He looked toward Himself. He saw it abode in Himself. He had confidence in the mightiness of His Myself. He had confidence in the Mightiness of the Myself that filleth the universe.

He utterly rent Himself as human, and the Father, the Divine, the God of His stood forth. He saw, He sees, He knows the real heaven and the real earth. This He told over and over. He charged Himself with His own divinity by ceasing to be human. He wrapped the veil of the human around Himself like the rest of us. He took on the human and then made that human dissolve itself by confidence in the Divine.  Thus His Name stands as the rending of the veil of the temple. The Holy of Holies is the Divine in Myself. The Holy of Holies is the Divine in the universe. If the human veil hides the Holy One, the human veil must be rent.

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This is done by firm confidence, firm insistence. The judgment day of mind is come when all the lessons or angels are sounded. The judgment of mind is gone by, and it needs no longer any judgment when all human heavens and hells are gone. Why conjure up any world to fasten yourself into by imagining firmly, steadily till it comes, if the Jesus Christ in you is in the true, the real, the unimagined kingdom? Did not John say at the last, after he had described his idea of heaven, that it had not entered into the heart of man conceive the real heaven and the real earth, but that Jesus Christ knew all about it? That Jesus Christ is the God in you.

“Whosoever confesseth that Jesus Christ is God hath life.”

Whatever be your name for the Mighty One within you, be sure you pursue it firmly. Whatever be your name for the Mighty One filling the universe, be sure you call it firmly.

If you call angels, angels will arrive. If you call devils, devils will come. Such a power lies in firmness to bring to pass. If you call Jesus Christ,  Jesus Christ will come — as heaven as earth, as light, as joy, as home, as the Everlasting God.

Lesson V                                                                                                                 Page 30

TEXT:  “And God said, Let the waters be gathered together in one place and let the dry land appear.” Gen. 1:9

TEXT: “And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth, and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.” Rev. 9:1

In all Spiritual Science there are twelve proclamations which constitute the Tree of Life. This, then, is really what is meant by the Tree of Life, namely Spiritual Science. This Tree of Life bears twelve manner of fruits. Rev 22:2

In pure Science there need be but one word. If that word is spoken, the twelve fruits will be visible. That one word is the lost word, so called because no one can by by speaking any one word that he knows, cause all the twelve fruits to fall upon his earth.

The first lesson in Spiritual Science is called THE WORD. The second lesson is called Denial. The third lesson is called Affirmation. The fourth lesson is called Faith. The Fifth lesson is called Works. The sixth lesson is called Understanding. The seventh is called Inheritance. The eighth is called Truth. The ninth is called Holiness. The tenth is called Forgiveness. The eleventh is called Wisdom. The twelfth is called Free Grace.

These names of the twelve lessons are modified somewhat, or changed enough to put in different terms through the metaphysical books of every age. They may all be summed up in one word. This word is the Tree of Life to him that can pick it out of the combined twelve.

There are twelve fruits from the Tree of Science. We are always telling over the twelve signs of the Spirit of man. There is one fruit we call life; another we call health; another strength; another prosperity; another, protection; another is mind; another speech; another is writing; another is singing; another is judgement; another is praise.

The lost word was once known to man, we are told. It was whispered in the ear of each new keeper of it and by him was held sacred. There is a tradition that the compiler of the Sohar was the last man who held this word. He is reported to have been in constant danger of death from enemies, and had to live in a guarded cave. As one of the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life is absolutely safety, we are able to detect

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at once that he did not have the lost word which in itself is the whole Tree of Life or whole Science of God.

If, under the dispensation of these twelve lessons (which can by any one who has received the the fruit of good judgement, be put into one lesson) there is any disease left in our teacher of them, he certainly has not tasted of the Tree of Life; he does not know Spiritual Science.

If he is afraid of any one or anything, he has not found Spiritual Science. He may be seeking it, and he may appreciate that the whole Science is wrapped up in his own Spirit, but he is not yet the Tree of Life in himself letting fall twelve manner of fruits, one fruit of which is safety. ” A thousand may fall at they right hand, and ten thousand at they left hand, but it shall not come nigh thee.”  “He shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.”

Now, if, one tells us that persecution, rags, hunger, trouble, are the sure lot of the Christian, we may take the names of the fruits known to grow on the Christian Tree and not one will ever be found under any of these heads. It will be safety. Jesus, the Christian, said, “If a man keep My sayings, he shall never see death.”

Moses was said to be in possession of the lost word. By it he wrought miracles. He was not afraid of kings and armies, and he never died.In his fifth lesson he repeats the first lesson under another figure. The Tree of Life, or the Science of the Name that is not spoken, is called waters and land. As the waters form the land, so Science adjusts a man’s whole life.

“Behold I set all things in order when I come.”

Beware, then, for such a man may be brilliant and powerful in speech, he must have a wonderful and miraculous life or he is not talking strict Science.

By this restatement of the first lesson, Moses means that this man who is talking partly the Science of God and partly his human concept, will have a life just like his talk. It will be mixed. The land will show how his flowing thoughts that speak so handsomely and then so badly, are working. “Let this law of mind be plain,” said Moses, through Esdras – namely that your lot will keep tally with your mind. If your mind is rent apart for the God mind to be all there is of you, then your wonderful life conditions will show the same to your whole universe. If you are still firmly abiding by human insistance, your environments will tally with that kind of mind.

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If a man wants to reap what he has not sown, he must rent asunder and lost to the human, that the firm unspeakable splendor of the Divine may be manifest.

Surely a man did not know the kingdom of the eternal and reap a harvest of the eternal! He only manages human affairs by the water-like force of mind. He rends his mind and he sees the water and land of God.

“Let a man see these,” said Moses. Let him see the everlasting kingdom.”

This text (Gen. 1:9) touches your case if you are dwelling in the intellectual plane where you are continually taking notice of what thoughts you formed conditions out of, or whether you are watching the Divine Presence and know that your thoughts of no account whatsoever.

If you see a ragged woman picking up faggots, you may know she is one of your thoughts pushed into your sight. One of your thoughts us a shabby, unhappy, begging thought. It may be about one subject and it may be about another. Perhaps you think God has left you out of a home while He has given others good homes. That thought keeps tagging you up, and exhibiting yourself before you in the tattered, unhappy form of some poor person all the time. Change that thought. Take a new premise. Look at your mighty Soul. Is it homeless? Looking at that Soul and calling it by the true Name will sweep away every beggar off your earth. The beggars are not real, they are pictures of your thoughts.

The only poor that Jesus spoke of was the poverty of the living God: the poor in Spirit. God is not spirit. He owns no spirit. God is not matter. He owns no matter. The absolutely Poor is God – pure nothing.

The word nothing is a name of the indwelling One which is your Myself. It is the one name of the One that inhabiteth eternity – the universe. This Poor, or Nothing, is what Jesus said He should be. “The poor ye have always with you.” “Lo! I am always with you.”

When He said, “Me ye have not always with you.” He meant that form of a man He then had. He should remove that of their sight according to their request. “Depart out of our coasts.” they had requested. “Depart off this planet.” was their command. He always answer every prayer. The firm insistence of any crowd of people upon wither the absence of a perfect man or the presence of all perfect men, is pure to be obeyed. This takes us to the fifth angel – Works: Key to the bottomless pit; Star that fell from heaven to earth.

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The bottomless pit is the “I AM” in man. Into it all death, all hell, all heavens, all earth, are to fall. “He will swallow up death” (Isa. 25:8). Who is this that is able to swallow up death? Only the Son that is All. Only One is able to hold all things and able to hold more after they are swallowed. That is the “I AM”.

John sees misery departing into the mouth of the “I AM” exactly as Moses saw his fears, his weakness, his stammering, his human nature, departing into the awful Splendor and Majesty of the “I AM”. If we were to take Moses alone for our authority for naming that mystic region of our being which is not mixed up with any of our human lot and speech, we should call it the “I AM”. If we were to take the four gospels and John, the Revelator, we should know that its old name was the “I AM”, but the hew Name is Jesus Christ. If we believe the New Testament, we shall believe that the Hew Name is Jesus Christ is the key to the lost word, for we are told that in that Name is a New Name.

Thus the lesson on Works is a name which unlocks the bottomless pit or opens the ‘I AM’ – opens the door that shows the Unnameable One. It gives us the lost word with which all the universe is manageable without our effort.

The compiler of the Sohar was Ben-Iochai. He said he held no mercaba, or power to open a mind’s eye to see into the “I AM”. That is he was speaking exactly what John means by the Star that held the Key to Sight.

We are to see the kingdom of the “I AM” – the “Bottomless” pit – the “Absolutely Poor” – the “Swallower of all things.”

The bird flying south sees the realm of splendor by firm confidence. When she gets there, she sees it face to face. Thus, Moses speaks of seeing the realm of God, which was not made by any kind of thoughts – to one, and to another, he speaks of seeing whatever kind of land, or home, or friend, or power, has been firmly thought about.

Be not confused.

The lessons work shows that you make your environments as much by what you do not think as by what you do think.

You do not think how the kingdom of God looks. You know it is within you. So you look toward it and call it by Name, either by what Moses told you or what Jesus told you. The Name means nothing to you? Very well; you are surely not thinking anything while you are looking towards that Swallower within you.

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What was one of Jesus Christ’s fifth lessons? This: “In such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh.” His “Son of Man” meant, the Divinity within you that sets your life in order for you. Moses knew this. He also knew that for the lightest word we give account. Our lot in life distinctly pictures our secret words, our audible words, our written words. Words are waters. All solid appearances are land.

The Brahmins teach that the Absolute and Eternal God was originally one Point, but diffused Himself abroad. Thus all the spreading worlds beyond worlds and ethers beyond ethers are the extensions of the God Point which was once infintessimally small.

The spreading abroad is the Day of Brahm. The drawing together again is the night of Brahm. They teach us that now we are all tending to unity, and this shows that Brahm is drawing Himself together, By their teaching we are hastening into the night.

What a variety of explanations man has made to account for Brahm or God! Why does man imagine such fantastic notions and by holding them firmly, finally see them? Is it a necessity of his mind that he formulate and formulate, first one globe to dwell upon, and then another? Is not his life well with him when he finds God?

Jesus Christ, speaking of your money matters, your health, your protection, and how to work them into good states, said: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” His doctrine of works was so entirely different from other men’s doctrines that it has not even yet been thought practical. Take no thought – no thought at all – about what ye shall eat. Who even in the high reasonings of Spiritual Science has told you need not say mentally that you should be fed well? Have we not been carefully taught to mentally proclaim that we are always well fed? But Jesus said, “Do not think about it at all.” God will feed you anyway. Seek his Kingdom; that is the main thing.

How shall we seek if we do not think anything? He replies; “Look!” We do have a looking power that is not with our eyesight. We can do this looking while we have our eyes shut. We are able to see face to face, our Divinity Point that is our God indwelling.

The firm naming of his friend by the young man mentioned in the fourth judgment lesson was swiftly bringing the friend from the real of the invisible into plain sight. He would not be calling that name over and over when he got him near him,

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but would talk about other things or be silent. Thus, the firm naming of the Divine Presence by the Name “Jesus Christ” soon brings something so close that we cannot speak. This is the Unspeakable Gift. Paul said he found what it was not lawful to utter. So his life was a blaze of miracles. Every life is a blaze of miracles when it is set to moving by either the Name of our Divine Nature or by getting beyond the ability to call the Name, being lifted into unspeakable states.

If you will notice, while you are speaking to the Divine in your sick neighbor, you forget to speak. This is the miracle-working moment. There is a line of reasoning on the mere subject of healing. The reasoning is very absorbing. “Let us have a reason for the hope that is in us,” said Peter (I Peter 3:15). Reasoning is water. The sudden stopping of reasoning is the sure sign that the work is done.

Read the book, “Spiritual Law in the Natural World” (Drummond) for a good reasoning on healing. But know this, that in all cases it is at some point where you are too entranced to reason, that healing is done.

So with your own Divine Nature. You call it the “I AM”, or you call it “Jesus Christ”, or you describe it by some such name as “Bottomless Pit” or “Absolutely Poor” or “Swallowing One” – there comes a moment when you cannot call its Name. This your life made over by a miraculous change. You step into the “Abysmal Dark” or into your own indwelling kingdom. This is works.

Books are certain kinds reasonings. They are the strong water-flow that builds affairs. The Bibles of the world are responsible for the world’s affairs. If they have not been clear, beautiful, unadulterated reasoning, how could the world’s affairs be beautiful?

When pure and undefiled water is set flowing, it melts rocks. When pure reasoning is set flowing, all evil must dissolve. John, the Revelator, saw a picture of the earth dissolving because a pure doctrine had come. This is pure doctrine, this Spiritual Science, which strikes at your judgment center and says:

1. What do you call the Supreme thing?

2. Where is the Supreme One?

3. What happens if you see the Supreme face to face?

This is pure doctrine, which explains that your reasoning well makes your life – if you reason that all is well because God is Supreme Good, your life will show it.

If you are firm in declaring what you have heard, you

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will see face to face. If you see face to face, you do not speak. Then a miracle is wrought. The reading over of your judgment series of lessons will give you a line of reasoning concerning your own Divine Ego. They will call Its name by the New Testament Name. You will be firm in the word till it puts you into the unspeakable. This may take you a year or it may take you three moments. There is no reckoning of time in Jesus Christ or in Spiritual Science.

The whole principle is, speak till your looking power is called into prominence. Keep on speaking till your looking power is called into prominence. Keep on speaking till you cannot speak. Then you see, hear, touch, the miracle-working Presence. Not intensely, not laboriously, not as one who fights air, but as one who knows he is to see wonderful things come to pass soon, so shall you reason with your indwelling Almighty One as Job’s reasoning. See the miraculous efficiency of Job’s firm insistence.

Let your mind be firm until you have no mind. Then you see face to face.

The motto of this fifth lesson might be “The less effort I make, the more I accomplish; and the nearer nothing I am, the greater my efficiency.” For as Elisha’s bones raised a man to life, being trained down to nothingness by scientific faith on Elisha’s part, so mind being trained down to nothingness by confidence, the sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, of the new country are ours.

Martin Luther ceased from praying because though many miles distant from the scene of his persecutors, he saw and heard them grant him free speech on protestantism.

So a mother ceased praying for her child’s life. She saw the happy child run towards her. The prayer of faith stops your praying at all for a blessing because the blessings is plainly in sight. The confidence in your Divine Ego and its mighty kindness stops your naming it. You see what you had never expected to see, you hear new songs. Life begins over again.

What a man sees when He has spoken the Divine Name till it bursts its land and water on his sight, he hath never yet put into worlds. He walks on highways of delight. His kingdom has come.

Lesson VI                                                                                                                Page 37

TEXT: : “And God saw that it was good.” Gen. 1:10

TEXT: “And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden alter which is before God, saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.” Rev 9: 13-14

TEXT:  “And it shall come to pass in that day, I will hear the earth.” Hos. 2:21

TEXT:  “O Lord, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. Blessed be he that cometh in the Name of the Lord. We have blessed you out of the house of the Lords.” David, Psm. 118: 25-26

That which we really see, we understand. Does God really see, or see unreally? It is written as supernal Truth that God sees that all is good. Does God really hear, or hear unreally? It is written as supernal Truth that whoever cometh in the right Name, the only God there is doth certainly hear him.

In the right Name must certainly mean in the right Spirit. A child who wanted help repeated the alphabet over to the Lord God believing that she must give the precious knowledge she possessed unto that Presence, and the alphabet was the only thing she had ever learned except the names of common objects. Her prayer was answered almost instantaneously by a miracle.

“Blessed be he that cometh in the Name of the Lord; we have blessed you out of the house of the Lord” (David). Then all the adversity of a people is because that people came not up to the house of the Lord of bounty in the right Spirit. David approached in the right Spirit and asked for prosperity. “O Lord, I beseech Thee, send now prosperity” (Ps. 118 :25). He was answered immediately.

The sixth angel of judgment is the angel that teaches the Spirit of prosperity without delay.

Every lesson in Spiritual Science is but a repetition of the first lesson. Let this be understood.  Moses suggested 12 repetitions. Jesus chose twelve disciples, each representing a lesson. John, the Revelator, chose twelve stones, each standing for a lesson well received. He also spoke of seven lessons; these might be called six days’ messages and the Sabbath message.

Page 37

The six angels of the morning were always accompanied by a voice which spoke to the universe. Everything runs from the character of the ego to its world. Whatever we are in our language, our world will present to our eyes. Simon Peter could rouse the power of the whole twelve lessons into one. He converted three thousand by one sermon. His hearers were roused to heal the sick, feed the hungry, raise the dead, comfort the heart.

The sixth lesson represents the Divine Ego as understanding itself, and as itself is all there is to understand, it therefore understands all that is. The Divine Ego is God, and God sees all as good. The Divine Ego hath its abode in you who read this page. It spreads itself everywhere and thus meets itself everywhere. The human ego also meets itself everywhere in exact imitation of the Divine. The human is the shadow of the Divine, taking up no room whatsoever in the realm of God, as shadows never take up any room anywhere.

Berkeley and Schopenhauer found out that there was no hot or cold only as they formulated them. If a thing was hot to them, it was hot. If an orange was sweet to them, it was sweet. To others, the heat and the sweetness were not as to them. Thus they found that things and objects had no properties only as they gave them to them. And they also found that when pushed to the the real facts of the case, things themselves did not exist only as they formulated them. At first this is not apparent.You do not see it – that is, you do not understand it. You do not hear it – that is your min d does not catch its verity – that is, again, you do not understand it.

But finally you do see. You understand. Now push your understanding hard enough to realize that there is something about you that sees everything good. There is nothing but its own kind, the creations of its understanding to it everywhere it goes. To that one in you  there is no evil. Itself being Divine, all it sees is Divine. It understands itself. It understands  that it meets itself everywhere it turns.

When the human mind sees that it meets itself everywhere it turns, meets things and people exactly like itself whether it likes them or not, then the human mind sees the advisability of getting an understanding of itself. The human mind discovers that if it can only understand itself, it will soon fix up the world to suit itself. It will decline to have any more miserable existences crawling and fighting on this globe under an atmospheric sea about forty miles deep, like a set of unhappy crustaceans.

So the high philosophy of Greece had the motto: “Know thyself”. They had an understanding in the philosophic halls that the oracles would answer each man after his kind. If he

Page 39

knew himself, he would know how high he might look for the prosperity the Delphic oracles promised him.

One human mind had not spring enough in it to generate prosperity above plenty to eat and wear. Another had not enough to formulate prosperity, beyond enough to eat and the ownership of a few slaves. Another had spring enough to make a prosperity equal to victory in battle. Ambition might dictate larger wishes for a prosperity larger than these things, but ambition without the nameless quality was not equal to accomplishing it.

The human mind is the river Euphrates mentioned by John the Revelator.

There are four angels of prosperity bound under the river, or rather, hidden behind its waters. They are the four characteristics of the right Spirit, that Spirit in which the child peasant repeated the alphabet, and the King of Israel asked for prosperity. Asking in that Spirit, any man, woman, or child will get his answer on a plane equal to his highest demands. These four characteristics are artlessness, attractiveness , aspiration, ascension.

Artlessness is innocence. Innocence is purity. Purity oneness, unmixedness. If you want a thing, let your mind be all dissolved except in that crystallized , one idea. That makes it attraction. Let that idea be upturned or let it expect fulfillment from above.

“Every good and perfect gift cometh from above.” That is aspiration. Let it be upturned , or upcast long enough to ascend into the place where nothing can interfere with it to pull it down into another kind of quality. This is ascending. The child wished for some event to transpire and brought it down with her alphabet. David wished for prosperity to his throne, and brought it down with his: “Lord, help”.

These characteristics were all employed by one who found that his Divine Ego was his only reality. The throwing aside of the whole realm of humanity that the splendid light of Divine understanding might shine out; the Divine can be seen when each of us is seen – this was John’s meaning. He was not thinking of prosperity on any other plane than the of the manifestation of the Divine Man everywhere.  Neither was Moses. But David and the child were both thinking of prosperity on the human plane brought there by calling up the Divine. On this subject, Jesus would say, “If thou seek the Divine Ego alone, try yo know anything else, be innocent of all else – you will find that your throne will be prospered, if you are a king,  and you will find yourself satisfied with what new life happens unto you, if you are a peasant.”

Page 40

We are already in the realm of the Divine. It is the privilege of our senses to appreciate it. The Divine Ego looking toward our human, sees no human. It sees Itself. It sees the Divine. Jesus looking around upon the people said, “Who are my mother and my brethren? They that do the will of God.” He saw his own kith and kin everywhere. They were not human beings to Him. He was teaching the omnipresence of the Divine and He saw and felt it everywhere.

He who has by firm insistence begun to see the Divine in himself, finds himself understanding the Divine. What he understands, he finds no fault in. (The presence of something to find fault about, is evidence of not understanding.)

Prosperity that cometh from sighting and touching the Divine Ego, is that understanding which makes you able to touch the right springs and get satisfaction out of everything in every direction.

Friends are not better, to give you their jets of shining joy. Father, husband, brother, son pauper, prince, one and all exposed one Nature. You understand that Nature. You deal with It alone. You are innocent of any other. Therefore, you draw it by like attracting like. You are looking to the highest, which is all that is real; thus you ascend into heaven. This is prosperity. All Bibles teach that prosperity is being all one with the Divine and seeing all Divine.

The cases of answer to prayer are illustrative on simple planes of the answering Power of God without to the God within. “It shall come to pass in that day, that I will hear the heavens and they shall hear the earth.” Hosea 2:21

Responsiveness is understanding. “They that understand among the people shall be wise and do exploits.”

If you are on the plane of matter, you investigate matter. You study insects, or stones, or electricity. Finally they respond to you. They tell you their ways. Then you are reported to understand them. You are wise in them. You instruct the people therein. So on the purely Divine plane. You watch for the God in yourself as a man watcheth for the morning. You feel the Divine through you. “This is my body broken for you”, or breaking through you. Then you look up with your whole being alert. The God in the universe responds to you. Now you understand God. Everywhere you turn, all things work together for your prosperity. You know nothing but prosperity.

This is the way the sixth lesson in Spiritual doctrine always turns. It handles it in the first lesson under the heading of understanding. “I am understanding. I have strength.” Proverbs 8:14

Page 41

Nobody is so strong as he who has understanding of his subject. Von Moltke would sit silently by, while the Generals were discussing the the army movements. He understood what they were driving at. He saw their goal. He saw their methods. With one sentence, he would outline a whole campaign. He understands God, therefore his path is plain.

“The steps of the God man are ordered of the Lord.”

There is no doubt about a certain kind of understanding of mathematics coming to one who studies numbers and nothing else. But now, suppose that by understanding God, the whole of mathematics might be reveled to you in one stroke? There is no prosperity in mathematics equal to that, is there?

There is surely a kind of understanding of languages to one who studies languages faithfully. But now, suppose that by understanding the Divine Presence, all languages should be yours in the twinkling of an eye? Is not this prosperity in language?

There is no doubt about a man being able to get gold, who attends to nothing else but money. But now, suppose all the riches he could name should be his in one instant, by understanding God? That would be prosperity from above.

“Therefore, with all thy getting, get understanding.,” said Solomon.

Get understanding of God. For in God are all things. God is the source of all. The “four golden thrones around his alter” are the four everlasting calls to man to not be attentive to the animal, vegetable, mineral, intellectual kingdoms. Loose the angelic powers within thee. Let them lay hold on God alone.

While artlessness, attractiveness, aspiration, and ascension are hidden, you show their human shadows, approbativeness, amativeness, ambition, acquisitiveness. The four beautiful angels are covered with these four veils. So by their advice, man studies the animal plane, the mineral plane and the intellectual plane. The end is death.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12

The end of the understanding of God is Life. “This is eternal  Life, that ye know God.” “In the way of righteousness is life, and in the pathway thereof there is no death.”

Page 42

The name of the understanding that you had with the Father before the world was, is your own Name. Your own understanding is your own Name. No man knoweth his own Name, save he that hath arrived at his own understanding.

If you know your understanding of stones, you may know that you have that name among all the people. What you understand of insects is your reputation. So what you understand of God is is your reputation. It cannot be hidden. “No man lighteth a candle and put it under a bushel.” You cannot hide the light of your understanding. The altar fire of your life is your understanding of God.

Look at the crowds you meet upon the streets. They all understand something of God. If they understand much, their eyes shine with steady light. There is a nameless prosperity about them. Surrounded by the four walls of the human mind, they yet do open windows now and then for the fire of their first and native understanding of God to shine through. They make rifts in the outward seeming for the inward light to stream through.

Shall not all thine understanding stream forth when thou has loosed the four angels? Shall not the understanding of the animal kingdom stream forth from thy central understanding of God? Shall not the full understanding of the animal kingdom stream forth brightly when thy native understanding of God breaks forth? Shall not all the minerals of the universe be bright to to thy knowledge by the setting free, to stream over them, thy knowledge of God? Shall not the intellectual kingdom be understood by thee when thy native understanding breaks forth?

Shall not that in them which has been a sealed book to the scholars of the world, be clearly known to thee when thou throwest the beams of thine own understanding over them? The name, understanding, is one of thine own names. What understandest thou of thyself?

Moses saw that everything was good to God. Are not thou God at the point of understanding? Is not the tongue of inspiration the pen of the inspired, that always saith of Jehovah, the Shining One, “I am Understanding”?

I understand, I am understanding. I understand the secrets of the universe where I walk. I see God everywhere, I understand God.

Is not God’s sight the real sight? Yet He beholdeth not iniquity. “There is no iniquity with the Lord our God, and no respect of persons.” II Chronicled 19:7

Page 43

Jesus Christ is another name for pure understanding. The name of thine own understanding is Light. The Light of the world is its understanding. All the understanding of mankind that is visible, is focused in one picture on the skies, called the sun. There is no physical sun in the skies. There is a picture of the combined understanding of the race of men as it has broken through the human mind. When the human mind is no longer a name to itself, being turned into entire openness,being self-rent, all the Light of man is liberated.

“The city had no need of the sun, for the Lamb was the Light thereof.”

“The adepts of the Orient can liberate the astral light with which our atmosphere is flooded. The understanding of the “I AM” – the indwelling Light – the Jesus Christ – with which man is flooded – charged full –  will liberate the everlasting One – the Lamb – the Light of the World. How lamblike and silent resteth thine own understanding in thee! How lamblike and silent resteth the understanding in the universe! The disappearance of the last trace of darkness is the shining hand of the Divine everyone meeteth thy touch. Heaven is happy greeting – responsiveness – understanding.

Take Saturday morning to proclaim understanding – to call the Jesus Christ in thee, the Understanding One.

The twelve stones of the new city are the names of the One within thee. The sixth is Sardius, the Shining One, the Light.

In the morning, now thy seed, and in the evening, withhold not thy hand, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth – thou knowest not which it shall bring forth, whether this or that.

Seeds are the names of the One that abideth in thee.

The first lesson is the Name: The Word – “The Word was God”.

The second lesson is thy Name: Thy free understanding Soul – “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? – that is, lose sight of his free Spirit.

The third is thy Name: Thy affirmative One – that in the which saith, “I AM”.

The fourth is they Name: Thy firm, changeless One.

The fifth is thy Name: Thy working One, Thy conquering One – “Yea, before the day was, I am He! And there is none that can deliver Out of my hand. I will work and none can hinder.”

Page 44

The sixth is thy Name: Thy understanding One – with understanding, there is no fault, no mistake – there is no sight of flaws.

The Jesus Christ in thee throweth His Light on the world: and in that Light, all is heaven.




























































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I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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