Emma Curtis Hopkins: Judgment Series in Spiritual Science Part 1

Introduction: This was one of Emma’s most spiritually advanced books. I am posting this from a Xerox copy of a typewritten manuscript I obtained in the late 1990s. Emma learned Greek at home and was familiar with the classics. She knew that Ego was both Greek and Latin for I. In this book she emphasizes the term Starting Point or God Point. Think of subjects and objects as occurring together. The Starting Point or God Point is both the Source of all that see and all that is seen. My copy came with typos. I tried to correct them. I will start typing up the last three chapters and have them ready soon enough.


Lesson I – The Word                                                                                              Page 5

Text: “In the beginning, God.” Genesis 1:1

There are three methods of calling attention to what IS.

First: The statement of self-evident principles.This is spiritual philosophy, or metaphysical axioms. Spiritual Science gives these axioms.

Second: The illustrative method. All Bibles so-called are illustrative, i.e., are filled with fables of men, women, tribes, families, who are living object lessons of how the metaphysical axioms act when lived out. Jesus standing silent in the Nazarene temple with all eyes upon Him, represents the eternally young soul dwelling within myself. All my mental and physical gaze is directed towards my soul, but the instant I hear it speak, I run with every faculty alert to hush its voice, exactly as the whole of Nazareth ran to destroy Jesus for speaking or unworldly, unmaterial evidences that mankind should never grow old, as their soul never ages.

Third: The unpremeditated experimental. This is like Berkeley’s,  Collyer’s, Edwards’ sudden discovery that things had no objective existence independent of their mind. Even Schopenhauer found that the whole world was his mental presentation. Jesus found himself able to turn water into wine by changing His thought from water thought to wine thought. Many people have found objects and people regulated by their states of mind and demoralized by new states thereof. The moment I leave the fixed notions I have held in my mind, I find new business affairs. If I have been making a success with my mind as it is, I must be sure that the new mind that I think of making up has in it the success qualities also. Change of mind is change of city. Change of mind is change of acquaintanceship. Experience proved this on some lines to Berkeley, Collyer, Schopenhauer.

They did not discover all the ethical principles on their marches, but found experience confirming all of them that they did discover.

Page 6

This world is governed by ideas. Jesus Christ said He refused to be governed by ideas. He refused to govern by ideas. “My Kingdom is not of the world,” He said. He did, however, often use ideas to swing affairs into shape. as when He said, “Lazarus, come forth.” He went up on the cross in response to the prophetic language which said it was the way to call  the world’s attention to His God nature. He was therefore obedient to an idea. He governed at times by an idea. But He was not an idea. He was Un-idea-ed Being taking up a bunch of ideas and laying it down at will.

The Bible is a book of axioms and illustrations.

The soul in me is Jesus Christ. As told in our Bible, that soul puts on me and takes off me. When I see my soul I am soon all Soul, just as a child who watches a serpent is soon swallowed in serpent. Serpent is Wisdom. Soul is Wisdom. The wisdom of Soul is symbolized not by serpent, but by Jesus. The wisdom of the world is serpent wisdom. The wisdom of God is Jesus wisdom.  The Soul says, “Look unto me.” The world says, “Be thoroughly educated in my methods so as to defeat and overtop your neighbors.” Jesus says, “My Kingdom is not world ideas.”

To know the Soul in myself is what I really am after with all my faculties. The three methods used by all the metaphysicians have for their purpose or object the turning of my faculties backward to look at my Soul, or God nature. All my faculties are in pain or pleasure with their efforts to look back towards the Me from which they started. Even in looking away from the Soul, all faculties seek their “I”.

“Turn ye — turn ye, for why will ye die?” Looking away from the “I” they perish in pain. Looking towards the “I” starting point, they experience neither pleasure nor pain — they are the unbiased, undeceived Soul towards which they look.

The Hindus have been studying mind for many generations. To-day they are mental adepts. As ancient Greece was devoted to sculpture; as ancient Egypt was devoted to stupendous buildings; as ancient China was devoted to book learning; as Germany has always been devoted to logic, so India, ancient and modern, has no object or aim outside of mental philosophy, or speculative principles put into demonstration.

At the first height of their learning,  what have they found out? This, namely, that all the pomp of sea and sky, of woods and hills, which the eyes behold, is illusion — an hypnotic experience of the human mind; that all grief and love, and the causes of grief and love, are also hypnotic experiences of the

Page 7

human mind; that all judgment or choice between successful movements and failing enterprises is not but a choice between two hypnotic states of mind; that he who shall be able to lay down these pairs of opposites and he himself, is the true one.

Thus to be the true one is each man’s privilege.

By the Bible parables, we are shown a Job to represent one who had exercised choice for riches, but had been rich; who had exercised no conscious choice to be poor, but was poor. He objected to being whiffled about in such fashions and rose in in wrath, grief, will of mind, to hurl off delusions. Thus, having risen above good winds of prosperity and evil winds of adversity, he wrapped around himself, in full knowledge of what he was doing.  An entirely new environment.

In the Bible illustrations, a Jesus is made to represent one who had never been deluded, never hypnotized, never deceived. “He needed not that any man should teach him.” He said: “Destroy this temple and in three days I will build it again” (John 2:19). And I “can lay down this life and I can take it up again” (John 10:18). He represents the actual powers of the Soul that dwell in every man, woman and child.

He represented the way you and and I will do when, instead of being whiffled from our delusive state called trouble and gloom to the opposite delusive state called pleasure and happiness, we are able to take the ingredients that constitute these and enforl ourselves with either or neither at will. He represented the use of ideas to mould things with, and He represented being independent of ideas.

He saw that the world’s states are manageable by one who can judge exactly what thoughts to mix. Did He not stand in a temple and use indignation and grief to hush the sanctified preacher’s mind? Could these men say one word? It is written that they held their peace (Mark 3:42). Did He not keep these ingredients steadily fusing with righteous self-praise till they saw how a palsied hand revived as if they themselves were doing it? Could they realize anything at all except the Jesus Christ in themselves with all His bold powers, while they, by sight of Jesus Christ, were swallowed up in Him?

Thus do I, you, they, anyone in creation, when we by some mixture of ideas dissolve the veils that hide our own Soul from our own sight. There is no palsy or pauperism in this universe that can withstand the straight gaze of my Soul. There is no rock that can keep its form when I elect to melt it by my Soul’s hot look.

Page 8

But the Soul in me is not an elector. It hath nothing to do with the world’s estates. By looking at the Soul, I am infused with something like its own indifference. With the judges between good and evil, I do elect what I please, but the Soul judges between no pairs of opposites in favor of one against another. “My Kingdom is not of this world.” “In heaven they neither marry nor are given in marriage.” What is that region of you which was not married when you were married, was not born when you were born, has never been interested in anything whatsoever that you have ever done? That is your unhypnotized, undeceived Soul. That is your Jesus Christ self. You have the power to look into this region, to watch it steadily. It lifts all the faculties of mind, sense, body, out of themselves.

“By thine own Soul’s law, learn to live,

And if men thwart thee, do not heed.”

The wise men of all countries have sought to look upon their Soul, their own “I am”. When you find them able to lay down their body and take it up at will, you will know they have found their own Soul, their Jesus Christ, undescribed,  sinless “I am”. When you find them able able to turn thoughts from sick thoughts  into well thoughts at will, then you may know they have found their own Soul, their Jesus Christ, unhypnotized “I am”. When you find them doing these things, and then not doing them, yet trying to do them, you may know they are still being whiffled in the delusion of pairs of opposites. They have not their own will.

The Buddhists have six hundred million believers because so many of them almost seen their Soul.

The Mohammedans have two hundred million believers because so many truths have been spoken of each man’s own God Soul.

The Christians have four hundred million believers because they describe one man who found His own soul; who stood on Hattin Heights and notified the race of men what their rights are and were and forever shall be — not as intellect moulding human events with painful struggles, but as Soul, God shining on whomever it will — in whatsoever fashion it will, unhinderable, undefeatable, unspeakable Light.

There are five Bibles which bring forward the axiomatic principles of the Soul as man has caught glimpses of it and reported what he has seen, felt, realized. They tell the Truth as far as the intellects of the writers were windows open enough to let Truth be told. Fix upon one of these Bibles at a time, and at the end of the reading of them, choose which one has turned you backward towards your own “I am” with most powerful pushes. Read that one three times over.

Page 9

These five Bibles are:

1) Christian Bible

2) Hindu Bhagavad Gita

3) Chinese Tao-te-King

4) Egyptian Book of the Dead

5) Mohammedan Al Koran

Know, however, that no Bible is equal to Soul speech.

Spiritual Science means Christ Jesus speaking; or the speech of the Soul in all men, which has been called Christ Jesus. It starts out with the Presence of God everywhere, the Power of God, the Science of God everywhere.

There is no direction in which we can turn but that fronting us is our own Soul, or our own God. There is nothing we can know like knowing God, the Presence, Power, Science, that takes us from sight of delusions to sight of undeluded Soul.

He who sights his own Soul started out by turning to watch that region of him which was not married when he signed his marriage bonds, was not born when he lighted on the globe, and lies not down in the grave when he lieth down. He turned to look at that in him which was not converted when he was turned into the church, and which he has deplored as his unregenerated being, has prayed over, wondered at, feared, snubbed, hated, hidden, but could not manage. He has at last gives It its own way, with all his faculties stilled and unpretending. Then he rises with something like new fires, new truths, new powers.

Often to this Soul he has said:  “God! God! God! He has spoken again: God! God! God!”

Lost in speechless adoration, he has fallen senseless at the sight–one sight–even afar off– of his own Soul. Upon rising, he hath looked again, and in adoring humility all his conscious being hath again cried: God! God! God!

Then one Man is one stupendous moment said: Jesus Christ!

And that word answered through Him, saying, “Ask in My Name. I AM He!”


Lesson II                                                                                                      Page 10

TEXT: “God said, Let there be Light.” Genesis 1:3

Sight of that region in me that was never born, is not now at all interested in my welfare, and will not die when I die, when I lie down, will make even my human mind, or ego, indifferent.

Epictitus did not sight his soul straight, but by speculative philosophy he reasoned about it so well that when his master wrenched his leg to find out how much pain he could bear, he said in calm indifference: “Take care! You will break it,” and, “There! You have done it!”, when it snapped. He had not touched his Soul’s indifference to pain and pleasure far enough to feel the power to set the leg again with his will.

“By these signs shall ye know” when ye are my disciples, or are learners from your Soul.

“If I do not the works of the Father, believe me not.”

This does not set works above knowledge or sight of God, but it shows that one straight sight of the Soul region confers that working energy.

Reasoning about the Soul confers indifference to power and also confers power.

“Plato, thou reasonest well.” What reasoning used he? What power had he? He said the death of the body cannot injure the Soul. His power was in calling to his thoughts the greatest minds of his age. He knew not of moulding nature and destiny as his own rightful power. “We look for one to come who shall subdue human passions, nature, and destiny, ” he said. Five hundred years later the Judean hills felt the tread of this Master on their rocky heights.

Philosophers, religionists, experimentalists have sought for what would subdue nature’s heat, cold, tidal waves, old age, death, anger, grief, lust. They have sought for what would master the fate that pursues all men, pushing them into sorrow and prosperity at its own will, while they submitted groaning or smiling. They have looked for Light – Light – Light. Always they have believed the Light would give them freedom. This freedom has really been man’s lodestone – his pole star – his goal. Thus one One told the description of how the Soul talks through man when it is free,  He had to say, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

Page 11

If a man thinks a thought and believes that thought, it has control over him in so far as he believes it. He is not then free while that thought compels his mind’s belief. If he believes it not, then he is free from it. Thus if I believe that I am healthy, then I am in bondage to my belief in health. If I do not believe I am healthy, I am free from health. I have no health. Now, am I swung from believing in health to believing in sickness? Alas! I am in bondage again. This time I do not like my bondage.

Is the bird free because he likes his little brass cage? This is health. Is man free because he is in health? Is not the bird free which can fly in the wide woods or curl into his cage at will? Is not my mind a free will if it can fly as a healthy body or curl down in sickness as it pleases? But is a mind a free mind which has an idea that it must bear a sick body or a well body all the time about with it? Is a mind free which feels it a duty it owes itself or its world to lug about a body whether that body be light or heavy? Is not mind freer when it can lay down its body and feel no obligation whatsoever to pick it up again, than when it can simply make its sick or well at will?

Thus He who said He could leave His body forever or assume it at any time unobligated, was free. He represented freedom.

If we are obligated to do or be anything, we are not free. If we are not free, we do not know Truth. If we do not know Truth, we have not seen our Soul. As shadows of posts are lost in posts, so must we be lost in Soul. Lost in Soul we speak Truth. Speaking Truth from the Soul standing-place, we are in the Light.

Light is life, health, happiness. We are not bound to life by believing in life, but life is an easy and light gift with which we have nothing to do. We are not bound to health or happiness by believing in them, but they are free gifts with which the mind has nothing to do.

Thus the Soul is represented as Jesus Christ, must say: “My yoke is easy.”

“The Light is the Life of man.” “The Life is the Light of man.” The gift of God is eternal life.

There is, therefore, an easier way of living than by believing in health and happiness. It is by having nothing to do with health and happiness, not even in mind. Does God have to believe in happiness to be happy?  Then, poor God, He is not free! The silence of Jesus Christ is His freedom from obligation to speak. The absence of Jesus Christ is His freedom

Page 12

from his obligation to be present. The invisibility of Jesus Christ is His freedom from obligation to show Himself. Thus does the Name Jesus Christ represent the state of the Soul which knows that no obligations rest upon it. Now, while I am obligated to do anything, I am not in the Light with my mind in any sense of the word. While I am obliged to believe in something in order to keep my mind straight and clear, my mind is not in the Light!

When John, the Revelator, spoke of the first angel sounding, he said it caused all nature to be leveled by hail and fire. The first lesson in Spiritual Science will fell every thought man has ever had, to the ground-bed of his mind, where it looks not toward anything going on around, but turns to see its Source. It will spread through the airs round about you with leveling influence for you to even read the lesson in Judgment.

John was speaking of the final day — the end of hypnotic pageantry of sky and sea, woods and hills, men and horses, cattle and money. This was Judgment and the end of Judgment. Judgment is choice. End of Judgment is being above choice.

Notice how the people want the money-kings thrown down. Notice how the crowned heads tremble. Notice how people humble their kings or presidents by killing them or voting them out. What did it? Your knowledge that the Soul in peasant and the soul in czar is one and the same Soul — no difference. This knowledge has struck the planet a sharp rap. Everything falleth. Every low thing feeleth its equal rights with all things.

The second angel of the Judgment sounded and a mountain of fire disappeared into the sea. What is this mountain of fire? It is your obligation — all obligations. Debt is obligation to do something, think something, or be something. Obligation solidifies into honorable duty. Honorable duty gets on fire with anxiety. When you feel under obligation to please someone, or do something for their sake, you face the mountain of debt solidified into duty, on fire with anxiety. Before you is a high biding. Beside you is a high biding. Behind you is a high biding. Even though you fall down under the knowledge of the free sky of Soul far above your mountain, yet the second  angel of Judgment has not sounded.

Does the Soul have to be and do anything like unto this world’s ways? Is not the Soul, God? Alas, poor God, if He, too is behind a mountain of fire — obligated — in honor bound — anxious.

1. That which is true of God is true of man at his God’s point.

Page 12

2. That which is not true of God is not true of man at his God’s point.

3. The God in man is his reality — his substance.

4. As God’s universe is Himself, so man’s universe is himself.

5. As God is, and need do nothing at all to be all, so man is, and needs do nothing at all.

6. As there is no God over God, so there is no God over man.

7. As God wishes for nothing, having all, so man wants nothing, having all.

8. As God is not deceived, so man at his God point is not deceived.

9. As God sinneth not, so man at his God point sinneth not.

10. As God needeth no judgment, so man at his God point needeth no judgment.

11. As God is Absolute in beauty, freedom, security, so man at his God point is absolute beauty, freedom, security.

12. As God is all, so man at his God point is all.

We can soon settle any question of our duty by taking note of our God point. If we cannot find our God point, we have only to notice that region of us which is not interested in anything, not even in the highest love of our life, nor the highest religion of our life. It is possible for anyone to take notice. It is possible for anyone to take notice of this region. Hufeland, a Protestant doctor, noticed in some of his patients a region of them which was not interested in their sickness. Watching that indifferent region himself, he caused them to get well. The mountain of his obligation to cure them fell away into the sea of the Soul in them.

All debts disappear. All duties disappear. All obligations disappear. All anxieties disappear. All matter ceases to exist.

It is no wonder Spiritual Scientists soon found the Truth to be that there is no burden – no matter – no hardship. It is no wonder they were all able to say, “There is no God over me.” It is no wonder Mohamet said, ” There is no God but God.” The very first angel crieth “One.” The sound of his voice levels all men to the Soul point.

The Brahmins of old, watching for the Soul point in man, which no eye of flesh can see, said, “It is the infinitely small one.” Then they cried: All things are lost in the Small One.” If the One who is too small to be noticed, too indifferent to be pretentious, too unheralded to find room in the inn of human mind, is to swallow up all things, how wonderful, wonderful is He!

Did the little Jesus find room in the inn when He came to its doors? If Jesus was another Name for Soul, you can see

Page 14

Why have you not let Jesus into your notice. But now that the judgement has come, you are glad to dissolve your whole notice of that region of you which has nothing whatsoever to do with your affairs. The breath of freedom as it wafts toward you is your deep breath of “I Am.” As it goes forth from you, it is “I am not.” By the breath of “I am not”,  you breathe away the mountain of duty into the sea of “It is done”. So the Light shines.

All men have noticed how deeply they have breathed when they have looked toward that mysterious region in them which was never interested in their marrying or dying. Some men have seen how dispersing was their breath even to their outward breathing of wind after  seeing their Soul even if not straight face to face. Kurozomi breathed away pain and tumors, fire and disasters.

Jesus breathed away delusions. This is the secret of the breathing practice of our age. They are trying to find God. As if God could be found by bellows of wind!  But it is easy to see that Soul shedding its beams of wind! But it is easy to see that Soul shedding its beams of Light fills all the body on mind’s highway, and the mind’s highway is its open will and smiling attention.

Be attentive to that Soul. Its Light is thy light. Speak what thou wilt to thy Soul. It demandeth not thy speech. Breathe as thou wilt, it demandeth not thy speech. Breathe as thou wilt, it demandeth not thy breath. Yet speech and breath are sure as thou seeth thy region that was not interested in thy destiny of birth or death.

“Birthless and deathless

Forever the Spirit remains.”

Sight of the Soul is light of the Soul, mind of the Soul, speech of the Soul. Sight of the Soul is sight of the I AM.

Moses watched the strange region in his own being for forty years and then undertook to execute the freedom of the Jews by it. He was defeated. He then watched for forty other years, and when he again undertook the cause of the Jews, he succeeded. Forty is a period concentrated to watching. Jesus watch forty days. It is not as we reckon time, but as aloofness from distractions. Moses’ first forty years were mixed with learning, war, and court splendors. His second forty were spent marrying, bringing up children, and tending sheep.

Jesus’ time was unmixed. It may not have been days, but it was unmixed attention.

The name Moses brings attention to what he found out.

Page 15

His Soul had so loud a sound to him that it seemed to speak from a flame of fire before his eyes. He asked his Soul’s name and it answered: “I am that I am.” He heard it promise him that it would do all things for him and he need do nothing.

“Take no thought, saying, What shall we eat?”

He seemed to do all, yet he did nothing. So Jesus seemed to do all, yet He did nothing. “The Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works.” So when the Soul of myself calls its name, I too, may converse face to face. I, too, may do all things yet do nothing.

Hark! My soul calleth! I turn to hear its voice. “I am not what I am not.” “I am not bound to to do or be.”

This is the way it sounds to me now. All my fiery mountain of care, of anxiety, yea, even of my honorable duties, hath faded from sight. The fiery mountain of duty is the last name of those high piled beliefs of mind when it is not taking its lessons from God, but is taking lessons about God.

Forty-two denials were found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, to be said over. Five denials were first mentioned in Spiritual Science. Jesus while dealing face to face, used seven.

After Jesus Christ threw off responsibility by assuming all the responsibility of the whole race and dissolving it, we were left with no denials.

Sight of Jesus Christ in us is relief of mind.

Lesson III                                                                                                      Page 16

TEXT:   “And God saw the Light that is was good.”      Genesis 1:4

TEXT:   “God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.”  Luke 3:8

TEXT:  “And the third angel sounded and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of the waters: and the name of the star is called wormwood.”  Rev. 8:10

The fact of Being is One — Undivided and undividable One. Here is where we get our unit from, which has no origin in objects or imaginations. Where is the unit, one? We make a mark? That symbols it, but the mark is not the unit one. The undivided One is God — not man’s imaginations of a unit — not man’s image or a great one on a throne — and into this One all things are resolved. It is not composed of particles, for then it could not be One. It would be many. So the One that is God is an inconceivable Small Point — too small to have particles — too small to be composed of anything. How dazzling is the Point of Light which congeals or converges all the Light of the universe, far and near, into one Point, too small to have flames! For if the converged Point had flames, then it were not One!

How solid the substance that congeals all substances into its one Point — too small to have particles, or atoms, or molecules, or point of gas, or cosmic dusts: for if the Point had so many places and parts, it could not be one undivided One. How alive the Life Point that converges all life into its one Point! How lovely the Love that congeals all love into its indivisible Self! This Point is God.

As the unit one seems to show multitudes of manufactures of itself, so God seems to be everywhere different. But it is all seeming which makes Life seem differentiated. It is all seeming which makes Light seem different.

How marvelous the wisdom which concentrates all wisdom into one Point! No wonder the Point sees Itself as Light all good. No wonder wisdom sees Itself as Wisdom all good. What is the difference between Light and Wisdom? No difference. Knowledge of Self is Light.

What is the difference Light and Knowledge? No difference. If we make a candle flame, we are only making a mark to symbolize Knowledge, we are where the boldest mathematician who be who should

Page 17

attempt to explain one. He can make a mark. We can make a flame. But the Light is still the concentrated all in one. Jesus Christ said that God could take all the stones and make them children. They could be Abraham’s children, all dropping from him. But Abraham should be faith, confidence, father, starting point, which should seem to be many points of departure but still in one point only.

We have the third angel’s voice. It is the one Star — the doctrine of the shining Point. Man is composed of countless egos. An ego is an “I”. One “I”  says, “I am cold.” Another “I” at the same moment says,  “I am in pain.” Another “I” at the same moment says,  “I am hot.” These “I’s” are marks. They are symbols like the mark one in mathematics. They are not the “I POINT.” They are the stones that are all to be made into live “I’s” and merged into the Life Point. All the good in the universe is congealed into the God Point. All the evil of the world is congealed into the evil point. If good, evil, light, wisdom are one indivisible One, then at the undifferentiated God Point, evil and good cannot be separated.

The wormwood to the rolling waters of the world is a symbol. Conscious minds object to having a Point in which evil and good are lost in the Undivided One.

There is no name for this Point except One. Our sacred books all point to a time when the “I” of all shall be Lord over all, so recognized by all. “In that day there shall be one Lord and his name One.” Zech. 14:9

The name of one set of egos all united in concentrated attention toward the Origin — the true “Ego” was Jesus Christ. Another name of a set of egos all bent toward not seeming to be what they were not any more, was Buddha. The Brahmins aver that with the proclamation to our set of egos of “I’s”,  that they are no more in fact than marks of the unit, the end of mirages will be seen. The children, as stones, will be Abraham’s life. Life and mind and faith will be merged in one Point; not newly merged, but no more marking — All Light — All Life — All Wisdom — One — no symbol.

The Book of Genesis was written by Escras. He was looking backward as a figure on a blackboard might look back to where it hailed from. There he suddenly saw what Moses taught. He saw it as symbol.This symbol is the first chapter of Genesis. It is a symbol because it tells of markings, movements, spreadings.

But even as a symbol it has the drawing power on our stony egos. They turn toward the one Point.

Page 18

When each one sees itself turning back, itself seems to be its own starting point.

While my “I”, that is my reasoning “I”, is attending to its original “I”, my hand “I” is marking lines on a paper. My foot “I” is cold. So all my “I’s” are unwilling or incompetent. They feel wormwood. The very reasoning “I” senses the bitterness of incompetence even while it agrees.

The Truth of the Point that cannot have dimensions being the only possible One, is wormwood to hear. It puts the pauper’s “I’s” as the president’s “I’s”. It puts all men’s faculties to looking backward toward their common origin, the Undividable One. One set of” I’s” once declared they had struck the Father — were the One and undivided. “I and the Father are One.”

In fact, the undivided One is everywhere the same — in the thief one with the missionary. This is bitterness to two-thirds of the conscious waters. Even the thief will agree that he is not of the same stuff as the sainted girl singing hymns of salvation in the choir. The recognition by one that he is of the same Soul stuff that he hailed from the same starting Point with her, is the starry doctrine falling when this angel sounds on the others. The recognition is Jesus Christ. All recognition is all Jesus Christ. When eye, foot, hand, stomach, brain, all know only one Point, one feeling, and that feeling is sight of the One Point, they see that it is good. They feel how good it is. The angel or lesson that sounds so draughtingly on all the faculties that they all feel the sharp refulgence of the concentrated Light Point, is their star lesson. Their being drafted into one feeling is their sight of Good. It is their Life. It is their Love.

This accounts for men so often calling God, Good – Life – Truth – Love – Substance – Intelligence – Sight. It is their recognition, feeling, sight of the Starting Point. This is Light. How good it is! All the faculties alert to this, make a Joshua man, or Moses man, or Socrates man. No longer anything but the One Point – there you have “The Father and I are One.” We are able to be all alert to One.

The study of this block of statements from the first page of this lesson to this paragraph will strike “One” in the being, will strike “One” on the chords of being.

Sharp Light Point into which all Light is concentrated is God. All the ideas of God held by all the races of men must be melted into One. Their ideas of God are not God. They must see that their idea of God is nothing. This is wormwood to

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the waters or the conscious thoughts. They do not like to give up their thought idea of God. It is their proudest ego. They put their idea of God up high. But when we see that all ideas must be fused into an undividable One, there is no idea reigning over other ideas, prouder, nobler than the One. There is no up high one and no down low one. Here is the only One.

Thus Mohamat in the Al Koran tells us not to speak too low to the deity and again not too loudly to the Deity. The last paragraph of his revelation called “Night Journey” shows that part of his egos were engaged in sighting the Light Point. Had all his faculties been engaged he could not have told his men that they might rob a stranger, but a brother they might not rob. He could not have spoken of Moses as envious of him. This is the feeling of the Point being neither high to be shouted at nor low to be mumbled at: “Call upon God or call upon the Merciful; by whichsoever of the two names ye invoke Him, it is equal; for He hath most excellent names. Pronounce not thy prayer aloud, neither pronounce it with too low a voice, but follow a middle way between these; and say, “Praise be unto God, who hath not begotten any child; who hath no partner in the kingdom, nor hath any to protect him from contempt; and magnify him by proclaiming his greatness.”

This one paragraph epitomizes all the doctrines of all in One – all in the indivisible – all focused lights into One Light – all converged substances into One Substance – the supreme loss of the myriads of markings and symbols into the One Substance without symbol – all the stones to be Abraham, which is faith, which is Father, which is One Point, without Son, without offspring. John, the Revelator, speaks of there being eventually no sea, that is, no seeming mind – all is then the real Mind – The One.

Telepathy is symbol mind telling news to symbol mind. It may tell of the Divine One. Such a message will destroy the human mind, leaving exposed the Divine Mind which does not communicate anything, as it has nobody to communicate unto. It is concentrated knowing already in Itself. Mahomet sighted this with part of his egos or human mind. In the measure that he sighted it, he exposed Divinity. This gave his words strength. All the actions of human minds are actions of symbols, the same as figures on a blackboard. Back of the fleeting figures on the blackboard is the great fact. So back of the human mind which manufactures a river with one of its fleeting thoughts and manufactures a brain with another of its projecting thoughts, stands the One Mind that manufactures nothing. It is already indivisible.

This is not a new doctrine, but is the unkillable philosophy

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of the Soul of man through countless ages. The instant the human mind looks this way for its thinking, we find the divine powers more nearly shadowed forth. To think of the Undividable One, will collect all the mental faculties into one concentrated Light. The mental faculties being focused, our bodily conditions speedily unite into a new comradeship.

Human mind being in the act of studying the One Point, becomes self-befriending. The troubles and vicissitudes of human life are owing to the unfriendliness of the subconscious thoughts and the conscious thought. The head is tired often, but the feet are refreshed. They should be utterly friendly, all nature must point our affairs with prosperity in every way. As we stand at the foot of the stairway meaning to ascend, our feet do not ascend. They are shrewd. The stairs are on fire. The feet saw the hidden flames. The mind accepts the refusal of the feet graciously. Something in our human mind, some little ego, always tells which which way to step. But no; the crossgrained ego that we have set up as king, declares that the feet go up the stairs. So then all the egos must rouse themselves to protect life. There is no need to protect life. The only subject that should ever engross all the egos should be the Presence, Power and Science of the One. This is Life without protecting life; this is friendliness of all the faculties; then the wise feet are smiled upon by the wise ego that formerly was too proud to know the wisdom of the foot ego. The stones all become alive and friendly.

There is no science like the Science of the One. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The covenant of the Lord is to perform without our bestirring ourselves. Looking unto the Lord, lo! that is all we have to do.

Jesus had seen the One Point when He turned the water into wine. He had seen the One Point when he became a meek receptacle for all the sickness of Judea to fall into and He was not sick. He offered to be a receptacle for all the sin of the world, and be not hurt Himself by it. As you, by taking the hand of a palsied man, might take all his palsy into your system and then drop into the ground at your feet, so Jesus stood in Galilee and still stands at your side – yea, even is now grounding you, and offers to take all your human mind with all its cares and terrors, and will as an Everlasting One drop them into the sands of oblivion. They shall be remembered no more against you forever.

“Acquaint now thyself with the Lord and be at peace.”

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What was Epicurus the Greek trying to do when he established a school to study the means of getting out of fear? He was feeling for the fearless One.

What was Zeno trying to do when he founded a school in Athens to study Zeus, the primeval fire? He was seeking the Shining One.

What was Aristotle trying to do when he announced his philosophy and gathered men to reason with him on the Primal Energy? He was calling all men to look backward toward their Starting Point.

What was Plato, Aristotle’s teacher, struggling to do when calling men to look to the First Root of the universe, the God Spirit which propels all? He was feeling the drawing power of an ego in his realms of the egos, as it caught a hint of the Invisible.

What was Pythagoras trying to do in his school where the prime proposition was that the Soul is a self-moving Principle? Did he not catch a glimpse of the Independent One?

What was Jacob doing when wrestling with the invisible Spirit in the night-watches? Was he not rallying all his egos – all his faculties – to look straight to the One Presence in whom all things are finished? In who all is Light? And whose Light is that Good that has no opposite in evil?

When Agiselais, the aged king of Sparta with a deformed body, a faltering tongue, could rally all his forces and defeat the young generals of other countries, what did his many egos practice? Simply sighting afar off the Invisible One.

Learn thou the Invisible One! By all attention, be the Invisible One. Thou camest forth from the Invisible One. As a unit on the blackboard, might eagerly seek for its origin, so turn thou to thy Starting Point.

As Job reasoned with the Almighty till he caught sight enough to rise up to conquer; as the young Jesus talked to the Father till He held all His thoughts as one thought and managed waters, men, and death – so talk thou to thy Starting Point.

Stop now and tell thy Starting Point that thou are ready to dissolve all thy mind and body into It. Being dissolved into the Invisible One for one instant, thou thyself shalt arise invincible. Being aware that the objects  in thy room are only markings representing the Secret One, all Life, all Wisdom, all Good, thou becomest aware of the One all Wisdom, all Good, thou arisest all shining.

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Thou art married to Thy One.

The Third stone in Unity is identification with One – Union with the One. It is chalcedony.

The first stone, or principle of God present among us, is Jasper, clear as crystal. This is the diamond. It is a marking symbol of the Word that cannot be broken. That Word is the Name, One.

The second stone is the sapphire – Purity, Aloofness. (That which is not One has no name.)

The third is the merging of all into One.

The call is to seek and see One;  and all that the One is, we who see the One are sure to be.


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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